Adding More Pages To Your Existing US Passport

How do I apply for additional pages in my passport book?

A government application has to be completed and sent along with the undamaged passport book which should be valid for the next 6 months or more. There is a government fee associated with adding passport pages.

Do I still need to take passport photos if I am adding pages to my passport?

No, the passport agency does not require passport photos when applying for more passport pages...

How many times can I apply for additional pages in my current valid passport?

All passport applicants 16yrs and older are allow to add passport pages more than once on their passport book and all passport The passport agency allows persons requesting additional passport pages on a passport to make a request once on the passport book . Please note the passport has to valid for the next 6 months or more and in good condition.

How many pages in a passport book?

A passport book has 24 passport pages included when its first issued by the US Department of State and the Passport Agency.