New US Passport

What is an acceptance agent?

Acceptance agents are authorized by the Passport Agency to executed (verify, stamp and seal) documents; and send in passport applications for processing. Please note there is a fee paid directly to them for the services they would render. Please note that when a client is using a hand courier service like US Passport 123, the acceptance agent must release the executed documents back to the clients for US Passport 123 to submit and accept delivery of the passport on behalf of the client.

Why can't I just send my new passport application without having to visit an acceptance agent?

All new passport applicants are required by the Passport Agency to have themselves and their documents executed (verified, stamped and sealed) by an authorized passport acceptance Agency. As well as have the acceptance agent witness the signing of the government processing application.

Why do I have to send in original documents when applying for a passport?

All US citizens applying for a passport are require to submit original proof of citizenship which will be an original birth certificate or the original copy of the naturalization certificate with passport application.