Renewing A US Passport

I live outside the United States and I need to renew my U.S passport. What should I do?

All U.S citizens living aboard can complete a government application form and send it in along with the expired passport, two recent passport photos. Whether you're currently residing in or out of the United Sates at this time, US Passport 123 is here to help you expedite your passport application if you need your passport back in time.

Should I still keep my expired passport or dispose of them?

It is recommended to keep an expired passport, as it can be use for proof of citizenship and identity.

Can I renew my passport before it expires?

Yes, a U.S passport can be renewed before the date of expiration, by completing the application for passport renewal and sending it along with current passport book; and two recent passport photos. Please note that US Passport 123 can help to expedite your U.S Passport, even while living in and outside of the United States.