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Taking Your Baby Abroad Requires An Infant Passport

Infant Passport

All United States citizens require a legal passport to travel internationally. Children, from newborn to age 16, must apply for a minor or infant passport in person, accompanied by both parents. Submission of the application mandates completion of applicable forms in addition to all stipulated documentation prior to arrival at designated acceptance facilities. Form DS-11 Form DS-11 is the application submittal applicable to all minors. This form requires identification information and future travel plans. The U. S. Department of State website allows parents to fill out Form DS-11 electronically and print a copy for submissionContinue

A Lost Passport Is Not A Cataclysmic Event

US Embassy

For the US citizen who has experienced a lost passport while traveling outside of their country, the tedious exercise of replacing it can be taken with either a positive or negative attitude. Theft and misplacement are part of life and the risk of this happening in another country is more likely since foreign passports are a desired commodity. One should handle the matter calmly since this happens frequently and the infrastructure is there to help the individual. Contact US Embassy The nearest US embassy or consulate should be contacted as soon as possible. A newContinue

Various Things To Know About Expired Passport Renewal

Expired Passport Renewal

If a person has to deal with an expired passport renewal, it can turn out to be easy or hard. The process is as hard or as easy as applicants make it. If prior preparation takes place, it is easy; however, if a person waits too long or right up to they need it. It will most likely be a hard thing to accomplish. The documents differ in various ways Age Requirements Any child under the age of sixteen will require an automatic renewal each year until they turn sixteen. In other words, they areContinue

How To Replace A Damaged Passport

Damaged passport

Passports are the official documents used for travel purposes between countries. For this reason, those documents are usually required to be presented to border officials prior to crossing a border. Since they have to be scanned or read, passports should be treated with the utmost care to avoid damage. A damaged passport could present a problem on those occasions so it needs to be attended to. Reporting The Damage Depending on the extent of the damages to passports, they may not require a report to the authorities. However, because of possible rejection of the passportsContinue

Tips On Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

Often, there are various reasons for which someone might need to undergo the process of legal forename or surname modification of their own or for someone else. The most common reason seen is at the time of marriage. It is very common that women undergo surname alteration after their marriage but there can be some other circumstances for which someone might need to undergo forename or surname modification. Further, people who opt for passport name change experience that it is an easy legal process and anyone can do it easily if they have valid reasonContinue