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Making Ireland The Next Stamp On Your Passport


If you are searching for an exceptional vacation getaway for you or your family you should contemplate traveling to Ireland. Ireland is a lovely country with many worthwhile attractions for travelers to see. Whether you enjoy gorgeous scenery, world-class golf courses or exhilarating nightlife, Ireland has something for everyone to enjoy. If you plan on making a trip outside of the United States, consider adding pages to your passport by visiting Ireland. It will surely be an unforgettable experience. Choosing Ireland One of Ireland’s most popular travel destinations is the Blarney Castle. The historic landmarkContinue

Passport Issues When Traveling to Hong Kong


Hong Kong, a former British colony, is a major tourist destination for China’s increasingly wealthy mainland population. It also has many important global connections with other major world cities. It is a very unique place to visit and has many cultural influences. Hong Kong proudly proclaims itself to be “Asia’s World City”. You will need a valid passport for travel to Hong Kong. If your passport has been lost or stolen, you can get expedited lost United States passport services online. Landscape If you are a traveler who is unsure about crowded streets you will beContinue

How To Prevent Your Passport From Being Stolen

Lost or Stolen Passport

Passports are necessary for traveling in the modern world. Unfortunately, a stolen passport can ruin a vacation very quickly. This scenario can present a number of difficulties, and a person will have to obtain a duplicate passport before they can return home. It can be quite difficult to get a passport today as the threat of terrorism looms over our country. This has made the length of time required to get a passport longer than ever before. A private company is the best option for anyone to get their documentation on time as they can ensureContinue

Exploring Bangalore

damaged passport

Known as the Garden City, Bangalore is India’s information technology hub. As a unique combination of beauty from the gardens and the fast-paced technological industry, it makes for an excellent place to take a memorable vacation. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, remember to fill out your US passport application while you still have time. Luckily enough, you can apply for one online. Trip Preparation There are so many things that people dread about trip preparation, and getting a passport is certainly one of them. Avoid the stress and go online to getContinue

The History Of United States Passports


United States passports are issued to citizens and non-citizen nationals of the United States of America. They are exclusively issued by the United States Department of State. Passports allow an individual to be valid for travel anywhere in the World. Within the Department of State, the responsibility of passport issuance lies with the Passport Services Unit. This unit is part of what’s called the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Most passport issues, such as passport renewal or replacement, can be taken care of online. Early History During the War of Independence passports were issued to selectContinue

First Time Passport Application


There was a time when traveling to places like Canada or Mexico was as easy as hopping in the car and going, but those days are long gone. Right now, anybody crossing a border is looking at obtaining a United States passport for the first time in their lives. Whoever has didn’t have to get this done should know right off the bat that it is not something that can usually be handled in a few minutes. Receiving a document such as this does not have to become a big deal as long as someContinue

When A Passport Is Lost

Lost or Stolen Passport

A passport is a very important document. It is a federal document that allows an individual to travel in and out of countries. Without this document entry into a foreign country or even re-entry in a country of origin is very difficult. This is why if a lost passport is experienced, it is imperative to follow the proper procedure to get a replacement as fast as possible. Reporting A passport must be reported missing or stolen as soon as it is discovered as such. This allows for the proper authorities to invalidate the document. IfContinue

How Quickly Can You Get A Passport

Gov US Passports Expedited

When applying for passports and asking about the process people often ask, ‘how quickly can I get a passport’? This answer revolves around how quickly the passport is needed. The official document can arrive in any time frame, as long as someone is not opposed to paying additional fees to have it arrive on time. Passports Passports are official documents that allow someone to travel in and out of countries. There are many reasons to have a passport. Some need them for business travel, others for vacation. A passport is a good thing to have, especiallyContinue

Guide To Adding New Pages To Your Passport

How To Obtain A New Passport

If you travel a lot, you might easily find yourself in a situation whereby you require additional visa pages for your passport book. This is a better option than applying for a new passport altogether because your document is still valid. Before you decide to get new pages for US passport, you must know some details regarding the process. Four Pages or Less One of the most important things you must realize is that your document should have less than four visa pages remaining which will signify the need to get more. If this isContinue

Expedited Passport Pages, How To Add Them

Passport Pages

Expedited passport added pages come in handy when your passport is still in good condition and not past its expiration date but all of the pages are covered in stamps. This is usually because you have done a lot of international travelling and the pages have become full of visas from other countries as well as entry and exit stamps. United States citizens may add new sections on two occasions. After that, they will be required to obtain a new one. Complete Appropriate Form To obtain new pages, A Form DS-4085 must be completed andContinue