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Reporting And Replacing A Lost Passport

Losing a passport or any other identification document is very stressful and at times very scary because you do not know in whose hands it will land. This becomes worse if this unfortunate occurrence is just days before you travel or when you are on a trip. It is important to have a lost passport reported to the relevant authorities so that it can be invalidated. This makes the document invalid for travel purposes or anything else hence you cannot be held responsible if somebody else uses it in a criminal activity so as toContinue

When Your Passport Is Stolen

Stolen Passport

A passport is that official document that identifies you as a citizen of a particular country. It allows you to travel to foreign countries and acts as a pass for getting into a country or exiting from it. This is why it is a serious matter if you encounter a stolen passport. At Home Loss It is often heartbreaking to lose something you value and treasure. This document is no exception. Maybe you have been planning a vacation or a visit overseas, when you discover you do not have the most important item: your travelContinue

Applying For Same Day Kids Passports

Child Passport Application

When applying for passports, it is important to remember that your children need one as well. However this can be easy to forget. What you may not know is that same day kids passports are available.  If you want your children to be able to travel with you, be sure they are equipped with their own travel document. Download The Application Be certain you have the correct application form. This can be downloaded from a number of different sources. It is important to make sure that the website has been verified as government approved. As withContinue

How Should You Replace A Lost US Passport


If you want to replace a lost US passport, it first has to be reported so it can be cancelled. When you apply for a new one, there is a specific form that is used for this purpose called a DS-11. You can make the new application in person, online through the Department of State website or by mail but the easiest and quickest way it to have an expediting company do it for you. Report Loss To report a lost US passport, you can call the Department of State.You can also download a DS-64Continue

Expediting Service For Passports

Many travelers think they have remembered every detail for their international trip. Then they realize that they have forgotten to obtain or renew their most important document, their passport. Fortunately, passport expediting options are available so that travelers can have their documents in time for international travel. Travelers can choose to expedite on their own or to work with an expediting agency. Time Applicants Applicants obtaining documentation for the first time have to apply in-person. Applicants should fill out Form DS-11 but should wait to sign the form until directed to do so by theContinue