If You Need A 24 hour USA Passport Immediately, Pay Attention Closely


There are a few ways to get a 24 hour new passport, but since you are working with such a limited time frame prepare yourself for some annoyances along the way. If you want to get your passport within 24 hours you should be well aware that it may cost you a few hundred dollars, between shipping, government and expeditor fees. Waiting only 3 days can and will keep you at a minimum of $150.00 richer.

Legal Documents

Whichever route you choose in getting your expedited American passport, the process will run a lot smoother if you show up to the passport agency with the right documents. If you choose to deal with an expeditor company, make sure it is a company in good standing with its clients. If you get involved with a company that is shady you may very well end up waiting a lot longer than 24 hours for your passport.

Process Fees

In order to get your passport within 24 hours it will cost you a lot more money than getting your passport at normal speed would. As much as $150.00 can be shaved from your costs if you just wait 3 business days for your passport. You can get your passport from anywhere between 24 hours up to 2 weeks time. Other than the length of time you have to wait, the difference is the cost. The quicker you need your passport the more it will cost you. Of course, if your circumstance does not allow you to, than you will just have to bare the expenses.

Wait Time

When you want to get a passport within 24 hours, there are factors that may hinder obtaining a passport in such a quick time. For instance, if this is your first time applying for a passport the procedure may very well take more than 24 hours. With a new passport you will need an official witness for the signing of all paperwork involved. This is not applicable for renewed passports, and renewed passports can be sent through surface mail.


Living near a big city will help you get your expedited passport for less. Regional passport agencies are found in cities such as New York, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Philadelphia. These are just a few cities you will find passport agencies in. Check the nearest city to you for listings. The normal procedures for utilizing a passport agency include making an appointment and showing up with the proper evidence of identification and travel.


Of course, if you need your passport within 24 hours you may not have the time to make an appointment in the first place. In this case, you should show up at your nearest passport agency as soon as they open for business and explain your situation with evidence of departure, such as an itinerary for your flight plans.

Expedite Services

If you live far away from any major city that has a US passport expediting service you can still get your passport within 24 hours. There are a number of passport expediting services available for you to choose from. Most expediters will ask you to overnight the proper paperwork involved and they will get everything done for you with the passport agency. If the expeditors happen to have an office in the city you are departing from they may even be able to meet you at the airport with your passport.

Passport Agency

Before choosing a American passport expediting service to get your 24 hour pasport or United States passport renewal, make sure you are using a good, reputable company to actually complete your passport needs. Trying to get your passport quick will be stressful enough, having to deal with an irresponsible company is a stress you just do not need.

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