How To Add Pages To Your Passport

Passport Pages

If you travel often for business and pleasure, you might have a full passport book. If you plan to travel again soon, you definitely don’t want to run out of passport pages. This means that you will have to figure out the best strategy for adding pages to passport quickly in order to have all your documents ready for impending travel.

Extra Pages

Usually, getting more sheets for your document is something you can have done for free. Of course you can hire a service for a small fee to facilitate it for you. If you plan to do this yourself, the first thing to do is to find out where the nearest passport agency is. You also need a form to apply for more visa sheets.

Less Than 5

You need to have less than 5 sheets left in your document otherwise the national processing agency will not allow you to get an additional page. You will be required to have 4 sheets or less to be able to obtain an additional page. Once you have determined that you qualify for more sheets, you should get the DS-4085 form.


The DS-4085 form is an application for more visa sheets. It can be printed out from a website at home. Visit the US Department of State or the website of your passport agency. They should have a printable version on their site. You will have to fill out the form with the usual basic data including an emergency contact person and number.


After you provide all pertinent information on the form, place it in an envelope together with your document and application fee. You can get the fee amount on the website. Address your envelop to the proper agency in your region or the national passport processing agency. If you filled up and sent the application through the website, you can just mail your document by itself.

Process Time

Typically, this service is free of charge but may take 2 to 3 weeks to process. You may be able to find a private service that can facilitate this faster if you are in a rush but it will cost you extra to do it this way. Make sure that you check your passports every now and then to know if you are down to 4 pages.

Certified Mail

You should also check the passports of your family members. If your employees travel a lot on business for your company, you can remind your people to check their passports, too. When mailing out your document or that of your family members or employees, do so with a safe method. Use certified mail to send out your document just to make sure it will not get lost.

Adding pages to passport quickly is not that hard to do, nor is it going to cost you a lot of money. Making sure you have enough pages in your passports will enable you to experience a trouble free travelling experience. This is very important if you are travelling to less developed nations, and it saves you from having to get a same day passport if you find yourself needing more pages.

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