Using Expedited Passport Services


Occasionally life has a way of throwing some interesting curve balls our way. We believe everything is going good after which out of the blue something occurs and we need to jump on an airplane to Europe on short notice. Without having a passport or it is expired, expedited US passport services will make this issue disappear in a snap.

The State Department does precisely what it can to make this process as easy and quick as possible, but there are so many people applying that it is impossible for a truly quick turnaround to happen without paying for it. Besides, exactly what the federal government considers quick, many of us would consider slow and painful. With millions upon millions of passports being processed yearly, it is easy to see why the normal wait is about six weeks. Even the rush services are about two to three weeks.

Rush Services

This rush service which is getting taken care of encompasses the time from when the application is received and accepted until the passport actually shows up in the mail box at home. If this is nevertheless not quick enough, there are other passport agencies which are outside the government that can put an even quicker rush on the documents. While their services are quicker, they also charge even more money.

Expected Payments And Fees

The whole system is driven by fees, fees and more fees. A normal passport will definitely cost $75 and $25 additional for the standard processing. If a passport card is added, tack on another $20 to the order. The government offers a tiny break in the rates for those under 18, but all processing fees remain the same. Renewal services are slightly less costly.

To get an expedited American passport, anticipate to pony up and additional $60 and this can only be done by applicants within the United States. It’s not possible for a citizen residing in a foreign country to request expedition. Add to the cost, which is now $180, the Department of State’s strong emphasis on using overnight delivery to receive the new passport book. After spending the extra money to rush the paperwork process, it simply does not make sense to rely on regular mail service to receive the much anticipated document.

Fast Delivery

Immediately delivery can easily be arranged during the expediting process by simply asking for it when completing the necessary paperwork. It’ll cost you another $14.96 fee per application, but again, when it comes to needing this travel documentation, it is a small price to pay. Do bear in mind that the $60 rush costs as well as the overnight fees are for each document requested.

DS-82 Form

The form to fill out for expedited service is the DS-82. Yes, the government includes a form with regard to every thing, so be prepared to write. If this is not the first passport being applied for and expedited services are requested, write the word ‘expedite’ boldly and in plain sight on the outside of the envelope. This will ensure that it gets to the right department upon delivery.

Using expedited American passport services is a great way to get the U S passport in hand quick. For some people, the extra fees are worth it just to know that the turnaround time will not be so long. If these services are not used, the application just goes into the pile and has to work its way to the top. If you are lucky, the passport will arrive in about two months. Sometimes, that is just too long to wait.

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