Agra – A Historic City And Home Of The Taj Mahal

agra taj mahal

Agra, a city located in India, is a place guaranteed to leave you in awe. The sights and experiences of Agra combine to create a vacation experience like no other. Home to the mighty Taj Mahal, Agra is full of spectacular monuments, landmarks, and locations. If you are looking for a vacation destination that won’t leave you disappointed, consider traveling to Agra, India. Before you do, though, everyone in your family will need a passport. You can get a passport for children online.

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Agra has three officially-declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and these statuses means they are places you definitely should check out. As you can imagine, one of them is the Taj Mahal. This huge white-marble monument is actually a mausoleum constructed under the order of the Mughal king Shah Jahan to his favorite wife. While the building itself is unbelievable, the area surrounding the mausoleum is as well. Gorgeous gardens full of colorful flowers, peaceful reflecting pools, and the beautiful stonework complete the picture. Inside are the tombs of the king and his wife, and the walls are inlaid with semi-precious stones.

The Agra Fort is another very famous landmark in Agra and another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built out of stunning red sandstone, this forbidding-looking fort is gorgeous on the inside. Within the fort are several very beautiful buildings, all of which deserve to be seen. For example, the Pearl Mosque, Jahangir’s Palace, the Mirrored Palace, and the Musamman Burj are all popular spots within the fort. You are able to see the Taj Mahal from the Fort on a nice day. It is here that Shah Jahan, the one responsible for the Taj Mahal, was kept prisoner by his son.

The final UNESCO World Heritage Site is Fatehpur Sikri. The Mughal king Akbar constructed this city in 1570 just a little ways outside of Agra, and it has become a popular tourist destination. This large complex is full of interesting things to see and is a conglomeration of several different types of architecture. Buland Darwaza, the largest gateway in the world and referred to as the “Gate of Magnificence,” is one of the most impressive landmarks. The gate itself stands at 15 stories high.

Many travelers visit Agra looking to experience some of the most awe-inspiring monuments in the world and get involved in the colorful Indian culture. You will have to get a passport first, including a passport for children for the younger ones in your family. Remember that going online can make replacing a stolen passport and much more very easy.

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