Amsterdam – A City Of European Beauty And Plenty Of Style


Amsterdam is notorious for more than one reason. As the capital of the Netherlands, it’s a very cosmopolitan city and whatever sort of vacation experience you are looking for – partying, exploring old European spots, or investigating the vast history and culture – you’ll find it in Amsterdam. You will need a passport before you can go, though. New passports, passports renewals, and passport replacements are easily done online, and quickly too.

Passport Services

Getting a passport can seem like a lot of trouble, but going online can help alleviate your worries. Official passport vendors can help you get a passport as quickly as possible, and more importantly, as securely as possible. Their rush American passport delivery can get you a passport within any time frame, whether you need it in a couple days or a couple weeks.

Anne Frank

History and tradition is so prevalent in Amsterdam, and part of visiting this city is exploring some of this. The Anne Frank house is an excellent place to start. This is the actual house where Anne wrote her famous diary account and where she lived with her family for two years to avoid persecution. You can walk up the stairs that were hidden behind the bookcase, as well as see Anne and her sister’s room exactly how it was all those years ago. It’s difficult not to be moved by the messages of tolerance and peace. The Dutch Resistance Museum is another great place to learn of Amsterdam’s history in the Second World War. It has exhibits displaying the people of Amsterdam in response to the War.

Heritage Site

One of the best ways to really get to know Amsterdam is by exploring the Jordaan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Found just inside the city center, this are contains the trendiest boutiques, quaint restaurants, and lots of interesting galleries as well, and you can explore via their famous canals, on foot, or on bicycles. Constructed in 1650, it was once a working-class neighborhood with a handful of notorious slums. Now, it’s grown into an important cultural center that is quirky while being traditional. Because it’s so much more relaxed than the busier districts of Amsterdam, it’s a great place to just hang out. Weaving through the back streets and investigating the stores and cafes can take up an entire day.

Cultural Landmark

Brouwerij ‘t IJ is pretty unique in that it’s both a cultural landmark and a very popular place to come at night. Visiting this combination brewery/pub, built in an old bathhouse, is a great way to see the types of people living in and visiting Amsterdam. Daytime tours are also given in this pub, so you don’t have to come when it’s crowded in the evenings.

Experience Amsterdam

Regardless of what you’re looking to experience in Amsterdam – culture, parties, history, art – you won’t have any trouble finding it, making this city an excellent place to visit on vacation. Be sure to acquire your passports before you leave, and if things are getting close, remember you can get rush US passport delivery online. Services like U.S. online passport renewals, United States passport replacements, and so on are available in any time frame.

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