Applying For A Children’s Passport

child passport

Every child, whether an infant or a teenager below the legal age, must have a legal travel document for him or her to travel outside the country. The law is very rigid concerning this issue because the state wants to combat activities of child trafficking and help to reduce cases of child kidnapping. The guidelines below explain ways on how you can get children’s passport quick.


The first point that you need to follow is that you must acquire an application form. You can either download it from the website of the registry office or just visit the registry office and fill it manual. However, before signing the form, you should consult with a visa agent for you to be fully informed. If a child is below sixteen years, the parent or guardian will be the one to fill the form and sign the name of the child.


Another point that will facilitate you getting the traveling papers quickly is verification showing that you are a citizen of that country. Therefore, you must present official papers such as your national identification cards and birth certificates. This will apply to both the parent and child. Moreover, for the process to be speedy, both parents should be present.

Legal Papers

In addition to this, if the child is adopted, the legal adoption papers must be presented. In many cases if you do not have the adoption papers, you will be considered as a child trafficker and you will be charged under the laws of jurisdiction of committing an offense. The parent should show proof that verifies the relation between the child and him or her.

Parental Consent

The parent must also present a formal document paper that authenticate that they have granted their child consent to get a passport. In addition to this,they should sign a valid statement in the registry office. If it is one parent available to sign the statement, then he or she should provide proof that he or she has the full mandate to apply on behalf of the other spouse.

Parent Information

When parents present their social security number when applying, it also speeds up the procedure. The security number validates that they are responsible citizens who comply with laws of the state. In addition to this, you will be expected to show your tax payment pin number.


Another requirement that you have to fulfill is you must present two passport-sized photos. Ensure that a professional photographer who will produce quality work takes the child’s photo. A photo that will be of poor quality will slow the process since you will be required to take a much clearer one.

Just as any other service provided, you will be required to pay a certain fee as stipulated by the norms of the registry office for you to get children’s passport quick. If you use services of an agent, ensure you get one who is ethical for you not to be tricked into paying more than what is necessary. For the process to be swift, all you have to do is abide by the points listed above. If you lose your child’s passport it is a very similar process to go about replacing lost passport.


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