Applying For Same Day Kids Passports

Child Passport Application

When applying for passports, it is important to remember that your children need one as well. However this can be easy to forget. What you may not know is that same day kids passports are available.  If you want your children to be able to travel with you, be sure they are equipped with their own travel document.

Download The Application

Be certain you have the correct application form. This can be downloaded from a number of different sources. It is important to make sure that the website has been verified as government approved. As with any download, check the virus and security status before downloading the form onto your computer.

Follow The Instructions

When completing the form, it is important to follow all directions carefully.  Be sure you don’t miss any blanks that need to be completed and us the color ink that is requested.  Each requirement must be met and errors can cause substantial delays in processing.


Equally important is having the correct identification. You should have your birth certificate to hand so a copy can be made. If this is not available, it is possible to use an expired previous passport as long as it is in good condition.

Parental Consent

During the application process, a parent or guardian must be present. Ideally, both should be present but if this is not possible, the parent or guardian who is not present must agree to give their written consent to allow the child to travel. There must also be proof of the child’s travel plans including the travel ticket. If an itinerary is available, this should also be presented.


Two passport photos of the child should also be submitted. These must be taken in accordance with all passport requirements. There are examples available on local government websites showing the exact pose that is required.  With younger children, photographs may be difficult so you may want to have the picture taken by an experienced photographer.

Put Everything Together

Once all forms have been filled out and photos have been taken, it is time to present your documentation and pay the applicable fees.  This can be done at a passport agency, courthouse or post office.   You will be advised how long the process will take and when to expect your travel document but remember that these passports can be available on the same day as your application.

As with any product or service, it is important to check the companies and feedback from previous customers can be very helpful.  If you follow all the directions carefully, you can receive your expedited passport on the same day you apply and be on your way to making wonderful memories with your family.

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