How To Attain Emergency Passports

Emergency Passport Renewal

For most people traveling, they will be required to have a valid passport to prove their identity and citizenship when they enter the country they are visiting and when they are returning to their home country. If they lack this type of documentation, they may not reach their destination and could have trouble when returning home. Certain situations can arise when a person needs to travel to a foreign country quickly and they do not have the required documentation to travel. For these individuals, emergency passports may be needed before they can travel.


In some countries, these passports can be issued within a twenty-four hour period. They are issued for a specific purpose that can be verified. Situations where a family member has been hurt or become seriously ill while traveling is a reason. There are times when business matters can trigger the process of expediting traveling documents. Whatever the reason, the normal waiting time that most people have to go through has to be shortened to attend to a critical situation.


There are steps that have to be followed when these documents are issued. Personal identification will be necessary to have as in all applications. There will be a fee structure that must be paid. In many instances, a person is required to appear at a processing location in person before emergency paperwork is processed.


The personal identification required is usually a birth certificate or an official certificate of birth. These should have the raised seal of the place of issuance on the paper to prove authenticity. A person will also need to have a photograph of themselves to place in the passport.


The costs involved will vary depending on how quickly they need the document. There will be the normal processing fee charged in most cases. Then there will be additional fees associated with expediting the process. Also, there are extra costs associated with traveling to offices where they have to appear in person to have the procedure take place.


In almost all cases, a person will have to appear before an official before any paperwork is done. The official will want to make sure that the individual applying is the person for whom the traveling paperwork will be issued to. They will also want to confirm that the need exists to have things move quickly and that a person is not trying to circumvent procedures for any other reason.

Emergency Passport

Obtaining a passport ahead of time is advisable in many situations to avoid this situation from arising. If one knows that a close family member is traveling overseas, one may wish apply for proper paperwork for traveling ahead of time in case an emergency arises. Also, anyone planning on doing business overseas should plan ahead to avoid any problems with their traveling plans.

Getting emergency passports is possible in many countries. Most governments understand that there are times when the unforeseen occurs and their citizens must get to a location quickly. However, one should always plan ahead and make sure their documents are in order which means you should be checking dates on documents to make sure you don’t have to renew a passport any time soon.Each country has their own requirements and one must know what these are to guide themselves through the process.


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