Taking Your Baby Abroad Requires An Infant Passport

Infant Passport

All United States citizens require a legal passport to travel internationally. Children, from newborn to age 16, must apply for a minor or infant passport in person, accompanied by both parents. Submission of the application mandates completion of applicable forms in addition to all stipulated documentation prior to arrival at designated acceptance facilities.

Form DS-11

Form DS-11 is the application submittal applicable to all minors. This form requires identification information and future travel plans. The U. S. Department of State website allows parents to fill out Form DS-11 electronically and print a copy for submission on infants. This form can be acquired at any acceptance facility. Handwritten submissions require legibility in black ink. The applicant’s signature will be witnessed by a facility agent or, in the case of an infant, the agent will instruct guardian signage. You might need a passport renewal, so pick up a passport renewal application.

Proof Of Citizenship

Minor’s proof of U. S. Citizenship must be submitted with Form DS-11. A certified birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or official report of birth outside the U. S. satisfies the citizenship requirement. Keep a copy for your records in the event this document is accidentally damaged or lost. This document will be returned to you with the new legal travel document via U.S. mail.

Proof Of Legal Guardianship

Proof of legal guardianship is required on all minor children for international travel. An appropriate birth certificate, U. S. or foreign, or consular report of birth abroad that includes both parental names, satisfies evidence of relationship to the minor child. In the case of adoption, the decree granting such must include both adopting parties or a court order that grants custody or guardianship. When it is impossible for both parents to be in attendance, the absentee parent must submit a notarized Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent. Your documentation will be returned via mail.

Other Documents

Parental and/or guardianship identification must be provided upon submission. Appropriate documentation includes your U. S. Passport, driver’s license,social security card, governmental or military ID card or certificate of naturalization. The U. S. Department of State requirements stipulate submittal of a photocopy of both sides of the ID on 8-1/2″ x 11″ white, standard paper.


Photographs are a requirement with each application. These two, identical, headshots of the minor child must be recent (no more than 6-months prior) and measure a size of 2″ square per Department of State stipulations. Document-compliant photographs are available at many drugstores, camera shops and local AAA offices. Call ahead to insure the availability of suitable photography equipment for acquiring newborn, legally acceptable photos.


Fees apply for application and execution. The applicable cost depends upon the necessity of either a passport card or book. Currently, the total fee for acquiring a minor’s book is $85. The acquisition of a book is necessary for all international air travel. The cost for a minor’s card is $35, which is a wallet-sized option limited to land and sea travel only to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

A passport opens the window to the world. Planning ahead includes allowing at least 2-weeks for having your infant passport in hand, which is valid for five years. When it comes to international adventure, you can’t leave home without it. Check and see if you need a passport renewal application as well.

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