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How To Get An Infant US Passport


Almost any parent or guardian that is going on a major international trip and that plans on taking their child should get familiar with infant us passport laws immediately. If you find that just because the little one is a newborn or a minor that they can freely pass between borders, you are sadly mistaken. The procedure is nearly identical to what an adult needs to do, with provisions in place because of the age of the young international traveler. For any parent to raise their arms and question the fact that they have toContinue

Applying For Your Child’s Passport


Getting a child us passport is not as easy as getting one for an adult. The legal guidelines are very rigorous as a result of incidents of a children being kidnapped and used to another country by one of the parents. All students are regarded as a minor if they’re younger than eighteen and unmarried, and all, including newborns and infants, are required to have passports to travel in and out of the country. Absolutely no passport will be given for a child unless of course they appear in person when the application is made.Continue

Requirements For The Child Passport Application Process

Child Passport Application

Children, as well as adults, need passports. However, the child passport application process is more stringent than that for adults. The main reason for this is the attempt at combating the abduction and trafficking of children in recent times. New requirements have therefore been put in place and these are more demanding on parents. It is recommended that the process be started early and instructions be followed carefully. What You Need To Know Interestingly, minors feature greatly in the application process. This is because minors need to apply personally with either their parents or theirContinue

Taking Your Baby Abroad Requires An Infant Passport

Infant Passport

All United States citizens require a legal passport to travel internationally. Children, from newborn to age 16, must apply for a minor or infant passport in person, accompanied by both parents. Submission of the application mandates completion of applicable forms in addition to all stipulated documentation prior to arrival at designated acceptance facilities. Form DS-11 Form DS-11 is the application submittal applicable to all minors. This form requires identification information and future travel plans. The U. S. Department of State website allows parents to fill out Form DS-11 electronically and print a copy for submissionContinue

Guide To Understanding An Expedited Children’s Passport

Children's Passport

Each year, millions of individuals and families travel to various nations in search of accomplishing a variety of objectives. Some families pursue experiencing a luxurious and entertaining vacation while others travel for business conferences and tasks. On the other hand, thousands relocate each year due to military assignments and educational stints. Let’s take a look at how individuals may obtain an expedited children’s passport. Age Requirements When applying for an American child or infant’s U.S. passport, children must be under the age of 18 and must have never applied for one previously. All ages ofContinue

Passports For Minors – How To Get Them

Passport For Minors

When your children are finally able to travel to another country, they get an experience that is unique and deeply educational. They become a better person, possessing broader perspectives of the world and the country they were born. But before they can even step into the airport, they must possess their passports. The process of getting pass ports for minors requires early preparation and documents. Nothing more. Personal Appearance A personal appearance at the passport office is required for all applicants of all ages, even if applying for a replacement pasport. A parent or aContinue

How To Acquire A Child Passport

Passport World Traveler

A passport is issued by the government as proof of being an American citizen. It allows one to travel to other lands securely and with the belief that the US government will look after her citizens. When a child gets to travel abroad, he gets a rewarding experience that makes him a better individual. If you want to get a child U.S. passport for one of our children, read on. This short article will show you how easy it is to get one. Application Form All parents wanting to get the document for their childrenContinue

Traveling Internationally With Your Child – Learn How To Get A Minor’s Passport


When it comes to passport applications, adults and minors (children below 18 years old) need to submit the same basic requirements. In the case of minors, however, there are special requirements they will also need to fulfill. These special requirements mostly deal with establishing the minors’ relationship with their parents or guardians. Let us tell you more about everything you need to know about completing a children passport application. Basic Requirements Let’s begin with the most basic requirements starting with Form DS-11. This is the form that is completed by anyone who is applying forContinue

Learn How To Receive A Passport For Infants

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Getting a babies passport is not as easy as getting one for an adult. The laws are very strict due to incidents of a children being kidnapped and taken to another country by one of the parents. All children are considered a minor if they are under the age of eighteen and unmarried, and all, including newborns and infants, are required to have passports to travel in and out of the country. No passport will be issued for a child unless they appear in person when the application is made. Their parents or an authorizedContinue