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How To Get An Emergency Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

There are any number of reasons why you might need to get a passport replacement in a hurry. Your current one might have been lost or stolen. It may be out of date and suddenly something comes up and you need to go abroad. The early arrival of a baby overseas, a sudden family illness or bereavement or an urgent business matter.  All of these are valid reasons why you may need to obtain an emergency passport replacement. Lost Passport A lost or stolen passport must be reported immediately. If you are within the USA,Continue

Replacing A Lost American Passport


Noticing your passport has been misplaced or lost is likely to be the worst thing to happen to somebody that needs to leave on a vacation quickly. Travel plans, particularly those like family emergencies as well as a business trip can’t typically be rearranged with ease. Replacing a lost passport, however, could be accomplished several different ways and by a variety of companies. Nevertheless, a quick search will reveal that the passport can be replaced. A sigh of comfort until the realization sets in that processing via the U.S. Department of State or Post OfficeContinue

A Lost Passport Is Not A Cataclysmic Event

US Embassy

For the US citizen who has experienced a lost passport while traveling outside of their country, the tedious exercise of replacing it can be taken with either a positive or negative attitude. Theft and misplacement are part of life and the risk of this happening in another country is more likely since foreign passports are a desired commodity. One should handle the matter calmly since this happens frequently and the infrastructure is there to help the individual. Contact US Embassy The nearest US embassy or consulate should be contacted as soon as possible. A newContinue

What To Do About A Lost Or Stolen Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

There are important documents that may be used for travel purposes or just for identification. These documents are called passports and they are unique to the individuals to whom they belong. A lost or stolen passport is a major inconvenience, especially for the owner. In the event of such an occurrence,the matter should be reported immediately. If the misfortune or mishap occurs while overseas, the nearest Embassy or Consulate should be advised. Report The Lost Or Stolen Passport Reports of the mishap may be made by telephone. There are toll-free numbers available for calling andContinue

Learn How to Deal With A Lost Passport


You need to act swiftly if you lose your passport or if it is stolen from you. The reason for this is that your lost or stolen U.S. passport contains sensitive personal information, such as your full name, birth date and address. Acting swiftly will prevent identity thieves from being able to perpetrate criminal activities in your name. In this article, we’ll be showing you exactly what you need to do when your passport has been Lost or stolen. Department Of State Once you realize you have Lost your passport, give the US Department ofContinue

Tips On Replacing A Lost Passport Quickly

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When a passport is lost, the passport holder’s first thought is where it was last seen. The desk and suitcases are quickly searched but nothing can be found. If travel is planned in the near future, time becomes of the essence and this adds to the traveler’s stress. If the lost passport is not located, it must be replaced quickly while in the midst of finalizing the travel plans. A lost passport can be replaced via the normal method of going to the Post Office and going through their procedures. The only issue with that isContinue