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Expedited Passport Card For Specific Trips


Years ago, the one accurate type of global identification was the actual passport. Nonetheless, in the states, the passport was not necessary for border trips to Canada and Mexico. Today, laws and regulations are much more restrictive and passports are essential to cross in and out of the country regardless of how close the final destination is to the U.S. If a vacation is originating up soon, an expedited US passport card can be used in place of a normal passport. The traveller that truly vacations the world may still require a regular passport, butContinue

Passport Card – An Excellent Option


Those who have traveled across the border several times or more by using a passport book has to replace all or parts of the book because of wear and tear. A US passport card is the perfect option for individuals who cross the border with an ongoing basis for work. The actual passport book may be conveniently replaced with a handy travel card that is easily accessible when needed. Why A Passport Card? The passport card was designed specifically for frequent border crossing into Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Carribbean. The card permits the holderContinue

Visiting Canda? See If You Need To Get A Passport


Most Americans who wish to travel to Canada often ask the question of whether or not they need a pass port to visit Canada. Yes, you do need to have a US passport to travel there. Let us tell you more about it by reading this article in full. Why You Need A Passport First, an introduction. Canada is a part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or WHTI. The WHTI is a group of countries where Americans can use certain approved documents to enter. Areas covered by the WHTI include the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda,Continue