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Traveling To Belize To See The Great Blue Hole

great blue hole belize

If you are looking for a great and interesting place to go for an overseas vacation, think about planning a trip to go and see the Great Blue Hole of Belize. Belize is a beautiful country that has many exciting attractions for world travelers to enjoy. If you are going to be headed overseas, it is crucial to remember that you will need to possess a valid United States passport. If you do not yet have a passport, you can apply for a US passport online with the help of an internet passport agency. They will beContinue

How To Expedite The Passport Renewal Process


It is a universal requirement that a traveler crossing borders into another country have valid travel documents. In the US, passport renewal is done for those who have one that they obtained at the age of 18 years and above. If it expired more than 5 years, a new one will have to be applied for. Sometimes, one may need to travel as a matter of emergency and they may not have the time to wait for their travel document to be renewed in the amount of time is usually takes. In such cases, expeditedContinue

Expediting The Passport Process

Stolen Passport

There are various ways of getting an expedited passport. This application process may take as long as the same day or three weeks depending on the methods you use to obtain this document. The following are various ways of expediting passport. Application One of the slowest methods you can use to expedite this document is by submitting the application form at an application receiving facility. In the case where you are renewing one, mailing the application form is also a slow method and you are supposed to pay an extra fee for the process. Expedite YouContinue