Children’s Passports Fast

To travel internationally, one requires a passport from the country of citizenship. Even children need a passport. Be it an airline or a cruise line, the same rule applies provided you are leaving the country. This same rule is applicable for those travelling on land. However, if you are caught unaware, there are expedited passports for children as well as adults.


A passport takes four to six weeks from the time the application is submitted to receipt of same. If the international trip is urgent, the US Department of State also offers expedited services. These services will shorten the duration of processing and delivery to two weeks.

Expedited Service

An expedited passport will cost more than the initial cost. The amount will depend on how fast you want the passport. Some travel agencies also provide these services. Their turnaround time ranges from 24 hours to 12 days. If you do not want the passport delivered quickly, you can get a low price range.

Government Licensing

There are both online and offline passport expediting services available. The only criterion that you should consider is whether the service provider is government licensed. These agencies will collect your data and help you through the entire application process. If you are using an online service provider, you will need to check your email regularly. The expediter will send you further instructions. Offline providers will contact you by phone for necessary instructions.


The mode of payment depends on your choice of service provider. There are the options of PayPal, credit card, e-check and bank wire for the online agencies. Offline agencies’ payment plan includes bank deposits, credit/debit cards, bank wire, money order and checks. You can make a choice based on the most suitable option available.

Additional Charges

The agency helping you with the expedited passport will charge you for the standard government’s passport fee. They will also charge you for their service. If they are the traveling agency in charge of your traveling arrangements, the charges might be included with other services.

Parental Involvement

Irrespective of the agency that helps you obtain the child’s passport, the parents/ guardian will be involved in all steps of the application. Their roles include applying for the passport on behalf of the toddler, child or teen. They will also be responsible for all applicable fees. The laws currently require that all minors below the age of 15 have either parents or guardian present when the application is submitted.

Book or Card

When applying for passports for children, you need to specify the nature of passport you want. There is the passport book and the passport card. With the passport book, a minor gets to travel by any means of transportation to any part of the world. The passport card is valid only for land and sea travels. This limits the travel destination to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda. The fees applicable to each of the passports also vary.

Although an infant might not be required to purchase a ticket, an infant passport is still mandatory. Citizens are not allowed to travel outside their country without a valid passport. It is possible to have neglected the necessity. This most likely can make traveling plans cumbersome, especially when children are involved. With expedited passports for children, the travel plans can still proceed as scheduled.

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