Chilling Out In The Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon

Many people think Iceland is a country primarily made of ice. This is false, both Iceland and Greenland have misnomers. As Greenland is full of ice and Iceland is actually a very luscious green country. One of the most frequented attractions in Iceland is The Blue Lagoon. To check this world wonder Geo-thermal spa out be sure that your passport is up to date and any passport renewals for your family have been taken care of. Then venture to Iceland and relax in The Blue Lagoon.


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Iceland is a volcanically and geologically active county. Its composition is made up of sand fields, glaciers, and mountains. The country also features many glacial rivers that flow into the ocean through the lowlands. Despite being close to the Arctic Circle it actually features a temperate climate. The volcanic activity is a major part of The Blue Lagoon spa located in Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon

When people think Blue Lagoon, they probably envision a tropical destination with lots of palm trees, or even a neon blue drink of the alcoholic sorts. However, The Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland is one of the world’s most famous spas. It is a Geothermal Spa that features steamy waters that are part of a lava formation. It is located in a field of lava on the Revkjanes Peninsula. The water in the lagoon is output from the geothermal power plant Svartsengi. This superheated water is vented from the earth near the lava flow and is used to run turbines that generate electricity. After the water goes through the turbines the steam and hot water flows through the heat exchanger, from there the water flows into the lagoon for those to enjoy the spa whether recreationally or for medical purposes.

Health Benefits

Due to the mineral rich waters that contain high levels of minerals such as silica and sulphur, the spa is known for healing certain skin diseases, like psoriasis. The average water temperature in the lagoon is around 98–102 °F. In addition to being a spa, it also is the site of a research and development facility developing cures for skin ailments. The Blue Lagoon also offers a line of skin care featuring the mineral based waters that flow through the lagoon.

Iceland has many great attractions. However The Blue Lagoon spa is a must see when in Iceland. Whether you have a skin condition or not the spa is sure to rejuvenate you. So go ahead and a book a trip to the luxurious natural wonder spa, make sure your passport is in order or that your passport renewals are underway in order to venture to The Blue Lagoon.


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