Most Common Way To Lose A Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

According to recent studies regarding passport replacement procedures the most common way to lose a passport is in a local pub. The study revealed that a little over half of those who applied for replacement passports were under the age of thirty and claimed they had misplaced them when spending a night out on the town. A lost passport is a big deal, especially when traveling abroad, this is why it is important to keep track of the important document and perhaps find different ways of verifying age when spending an evening bar hopping or pub crawling. Luckily an expedited new passport is fairly easy to obtain.


Passports are vitally important documents when it comes to traveling outside of the United States. They allow an individual to enter a foreign country as well as allow them to re-enter the United States. If a passport is lost or stolen it is a big deal as it may prohibit re-entry into the United States and make traveling very difficult. This is why services such as replacement passports and expediting services are available. This way an expedited new passport can arrive in time for travel.

Losing A Passport

So, the moral of the story is, be careful when out and about with your passport. There are safety precautions to be taken into consideration when venturing into the abroad with a passport in hand. Keep your passport in a safe in the hotel room and carry a photocopy with you; this will prevent a passport from being stolen. Look into other requirements for verifying ID; perhaps you can just use your American licence.  These are all tips to consider when traveling with a passport.

Reporting A Passport Lost

In order to obtain a replacement passport the missing passport must be reported as missing or stolen. By reporting it missing it will red flag the passport in case someone tries to use it. However, you must be sure that the passport is indeed missing, otherwise if found, your original passport is still invalid. A passport can reported missing to local authorities and they can work with the United States embassy and consulate to get a new one. There are also many agencies that can help as well. Their prices may be a bit steeper but they can guarantee better arrival times.

Virtual Backups

Having a photocopy of your passport is always helpful. And it may be a good idea to also email yourself scanned copies of documents before you embark on your trip in case such issues arise. Although copies aren’t normally accepted when a passport is lost abroad any back up information and copies can help expedite the process and make it go a bit smoother.

When traveling abroad always be sure to keep your passport safe. Take the necessary precautions at home, in terms of emailing yourself documents, and be sure to only cary a photocopy with you. Research different ways of verifying ID in destinations you are visiting, and this way you may be able to prevent a lost passport from occurring. However, if you do experience a missing passport don’t fret, if you have prepared for such an occasion an expedited new passport is easy to obtain.


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