When A Cruise Goes Terribly Wrong

cruise ship

Recently there have been some major issues with cruises. Certain lines have experienced difficulties ranging from actual sinking to fires on-board that have rendered the cruise ship useless, not to mention high jacked bus tours. In these instances passengers may have lost all their belongings. In this case passports are lost and a lost passport replacement must be obtained. Expedited passports can be shipped to proper authorities in these instances to help these cruise victims get home safely.


Passports are important documents that allow for international travel. Without a passport an individual cannot enter a foreign country or even re-enter their country of origin. This is why it is so important to have a passport and keep it safe.  Every US citizen, including infants and children must have a passport in order to travel. Applying for a passport is not as difficult as it used to be, as technology and the internet have simplified the process.

Travel Travesties

It is always a tragedy when travel arrangements go terribly wrong. Recently cruise lines have been under speculation as one particular line has had three horrific events occur. One instance involved the actual ship sinking while the captain jumped ship, leaving his crew and passengers still on board. Another instance from the same line, involved the high jacking of tour bus, in which all the passengers were robbed of their belongings and passports. The most recent event involved a fire knocking the power out leaving the ship stranded for days in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Not boding well for the Cruise line.


In these instances the Cruise line is responsible for damage incurred as well as reimbursement for the travel. However, this can take many days or even weeks to be negotiated upon. This is why it’s very important to have copies of your important documents backed up somewhere. However, if this is not the case a new passport can be received rather quickly in order to ensure a safe trip home.

Lost Passports

When a passport is lost it is pertinent that it be reported as lost in order for a replacement to be doled out. A passport can be reported as lost by calling the proper authorities and alerting them. This will deem the passport invalid, which means that if it is found by you or anyone else, it is rendered useless. This keeps your identity safe and makes sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Travel Insurance

Many people forego travel insurance when traveling abroad. They believe that nothing bad will happen, and that their trip will go fine. Most of the time this is the case, however, there are instances where tragedy strikes. In the instances of these cruise ship disasters, it is important to have travel insurance to cover losses. Although he Cruise line will have to incur the losses and are accountable for replacing lost items, damage, and emotional damage in some cases, it can take a while for this to occur.

So, when it comes to international travel, although no one wants to ponder the negative. It is important to be prepared. Always have copies of your passport on your person as well as at home. This way if a lost passport replacement is needed it is easy to obtain. By being familiar with the process for obtaining expedited passports if a passport is damaged you are much better prepared for any international quagmire.

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