The Dazzling City Of Madrid And It’s Top Attractions


It’s hard not to love Madrid with its colorful culture, lively night life scene, amazing food, and more. Over three million people live in the city of Madrid, and as one of the most culturally vibrant cities in Europe, and there is something for anyone with any sort of interest, making it a great vacation destination. If you are thinking of heading to Spain, you have to get a new passport first. Going to an online US passport office is the best way to go.

Online Passport

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Royal Palace

If you’ve always wanted to visit a luxurious royal palace, check out the Palacio Real, or the Royal Palace. One of the most spectacular buildings in Madrid, it’s one of the biggest palaces in Europe. One of the most interesting things is the two-story armory full of armor and weapons for Medieval times. One of the reasons it’s so spectacular is not only because of its historical significance, but because of it’s gorgeous architecture and the amount of priceless art housed inside. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Palacio Real.

Museo Del Prado

You might have heard of the Museo del Prado before, and that’s because it’s not only the most popular museum in Madrid, but also one of the most popular museums in the world. It houses a huge collection of art – one of the biggest on Earth – and features famous Spanish artists such as El Greco, Goya, and Velasquez. As one of three major art museums in Madrid – the others being Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum – Madrid is definitely the place for an art lover.

Retiro Park

Retiro Park is one of the most loved destinations in Madrid. This is Madrid’s main park and is the perfect place to sit and relax after a long day of walking around exploring. You are able to take rowboats out on to the lake as well, and there is also the Forest of the Absent, a spectacular monument to all of the people who died in the 3/11 terrorist attack, the Crystal Palace, a large building made out of only glass, music, and more.

Plaza Mayor

If you’d like to get a little bit of the city atmosphere, head to one of Spain’s most spectacular plaza, the Plaza Mayor. This square has been an important part of Spanish history and has served as everything from an execution site, a bull fighting ring, a tournament plaza, and even more. It’s become a popular spot for both tourists and locals to hang out and is full of shops and restaurants. Don’t miss the golden statue of Felipe III and the gorgeous Casa de la Panaderia. The Puerta del Sol is similar place and is worth seeing, too.

Spain Landmarks

There are many more great landmarks to see and experienced to be had while you’re in Spain. Regardless of why you’re there, to see some art, investigate the history, or just to party and have fun, Madrid is full of things to do. Get your trip started by going to an online pass port office. Replacing a stolen or lost United States passport is a breeze.

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