Delphi – The Belly Button Of The World


When it comes to visiting antiquity, Greece is the place to go. With a rich and ancient history, there is so much that Greece has to offer. Delphi is just one of the many places to visit when traveling through Greece. Home to the great Oracle of Delphi and city to Apollo, Delphi is believed to have been the naval of the world. Go ahead and grab your passport and all the kids passports and visit the wonderful antiquity of Delphi.


Passports are documents that allow for international travel. Without them no one can enter a foreign country or re-enter their country of origin. All American citizens whether man, woman, child, or even infant must have a passport if they wish to cross the border. Children didn’t used to need passports, but due to stricter child trafficking laws this changed to protect children. Passports are fairly easy to obtain especially with the advent of the internet. By keeping up to date with all passport related issues such as renewals and name changes traveling should be a cinch. Remember that kids’ passports are only valid for five years, and no renewals are permitted.


Apollo is the great Greek hero who slew the Python, which was the dragon that lived in Delphi and protected the naval of the Earth. He is the praised mythological deity of music, poetry, plagues, oracles, the sun, medicine, light, and knowledge. His site is known for the Oracle of Delphi where virgins delved out answers to questions.

Oracle Of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi was a place where anyone could come and retrieve answers to their questions. They would present their quandary to the virgins of the well and they would receive their oracle. It was later noted that these virgins were sitting atop a well that gave of some rather gaseous fumes that may have caused some hallucinations. But when it comes to oracles, a drug induced answer is just as good as a sober one.

Sites To See At Delphi

In addition to the Temple of Apollo, the Hippodrome, and of course the elusive site where the Pythia gave their oracles. Delphi has a lot of other sites to offer. Crowned an UNESCO World Heritage site, there is also the Altar of the Chians, the Stoa of the Athenians, Sibyl rock, the theatre, and the tholos just to name a few. These structures are truly remarkable to see.

Belly Button Of The Earth

The ancient Greeks believed that they were the center of the earth, and specifically that Delphi was the belly button of the world. For this reason there was structure made to represent the bellybutton of the world. This belief coincided with the belief that the dragon that Apollo slew was protecting the naval of the earth.

Traveling to Greece is an amazing experience and there are so many sites to see. This is why it’s important to have an understanding of the places you’re going to visit. Plan ahead and map out the sites you want to see, but don’t leave out Delphi. Delphi has many sites to offer. So with your passport in hand have the kids grab their kids passports and show them the ancient belly button of the world.


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