Documents Necessary For A Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

Since you have just gotten married, chances are you have to apply for a US passport name change. When this document is used for travel abroad or even to reenter the United States, it has to be accurate. This includes any of the names listed on it. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is so.

Passport Corrections

If you want the document corrected because of a typo or misspelling, this can also be taken care of. When documents are issued, there are occasionally mistakes. It is up to the recipient of the book to ensure that all of the information is accurate.

Documents Needed

Perhaps you have gone to court for a name change. People do this for various reasons in their lives. And when they do, their travel documents need to reflect this. There are several documents that will need to be included when you start this process. First, of course, will be your current travel book. This must be returned valid and undamaged.

Form DS-5504

Next would be the appropriate passport application form, the DS-5504, will need to be completed. This form authorizes changes for several reasons. This includes marriage, typos or other name changes that are needed.

Marriage Certificate

You will also need a copy of your marriage certificate. If the change was court ordered, a copy of the paperwork showing that it was made legally will be required. These documents will state the reason that the change needs to be made.

New Photo

As with most of the applications for travel documents, you might be required to provide a new photo. It would have to be a recent photo taken within the last six months. By using a professional photographer, you could be assured that the sizes are correct. They are also up to date on the required background colors.


If you are making these changes within a year of when your most recent book was issued, there will be no fee charged. However, if you would like to have it expedited, there is an extra charge for that. That is an option that you can choose if you are planning on traveling abroad soon.

Form DS-82

However, if it has been more than a year since your book was issued, there are different regulations. The form that you will need to use for this process is the DS-82. This also requires you to pay a renewal fee. The other documents will remain the same, including the photo. This form is not available for a minor to use, check with the issuing agency on the correct form.

Form DS-11

If you are changing your name for reasons other than marriage or court order, you would need to use the application form DS-11. First time application fees would also apply. In addition, three forms of paperwork would be required showing the date and place of birth, that uses the name assumed exclusively, for at least five years.

Whichever form you use for your expedited passport name change, you will need to know the address that you will mail your documents to. Include the proper form required, based on your needs. Remember to put in the proper fees and photo, if applicable.

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