Dublin – Ancient Churches And Customary Irish Appeal


Dublin is practically oozing with history and culture, and a trip to Ireland’s capital city will show you this. The area that we know as Dublin today has been a settlement for a very, very long time, and it underwent much of its growth in the 17th century. Dublin retains much of this history, and that makes it a great place to visit. No matter how long you spend in Dublin, you can expect to learn something interesting. Everyone in your family will need a passport before leaving, including the children. You can get a child passport online with the help of online passport services.

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Public Square

A great place to start your vacation in Dublin is Merrion Square. Regarded as one of the best public squares in Dublin, it features a famous statue of Oscar Wilde inside its park. This park is a great place to escape for a little bit if you need a break from the city. Surrounded by historic buildings, in which a few famous people lived, you can take a stroll in the park or just enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Museum Variety

Dublin has a whole variety of museums, many of which are dedicated to history and art. The National Natural History Museum takes a unique take on Ireland’s history by incorporating elements of myth into the factual information. Don’t miss the National Gallery of Ireland, a free museum where you can see beautiful works of European and Irish art.

Stunning Features

Dublin is full of history, and you can pretty much find it anywhere. St. Michan’s Church and Christ Church Cathedral are both famous for the ancient crypts that still house mummies. If you are interested in seeing an absolutely gorgeous castle, be sure to visit Dublin Castle. This 18th century castle is where the British ruler stayed. Trinity College, built in 1592, houses the famous Book of Kells, Ireland’s national treasure. The Book of Kells, written in 800 or earlier, is a part of the Bible and features absolutely stunning illustrations.

Historical Landmarks

Definitely try to make it to the Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum, a historical prison famous for its terrible treatment of prisoners. This prison plays a very important part in the history of Ireland. On display in the museum is the 1916 declaration that started the rebellion for Ireland’s freedom, and many of the prisoners who went to and died in this prison were rebels. There are also prison logs and letters written by prisoners prior to their execution on display. If you8 are interested in learning about the turbulent history of Ireland, make Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum one of your stops.

Cultural Activities

If you love history or art, Dublin is a great place to take a vacation. With all the important landmarks, interesting museums, and fun cultural things to do, you will never be bored for a second in Dublin. You will have to get a passport before you go, but online passport services can replace your passports lost. They can help you get an adult or child United States passport, and even expedited U.S. Passports.

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