How To Expedite Your Child’s Passport

Child Passport Application

Everybody needs a passport to travel abroad, even minors accompanied by their parents. If you plan to travel out of the country with your children anytime soon but do not have passports for your kids, you can get an expedited child passport from a private company that offers this service. Of course you can get your child’s passport the traditional way if you are not in a hurry.

Expedited Services

These expedited services can also be used by parents who do not have time to process and follow-up on their children’s passport application. Since you will be paying for their service, they can get your kids travel document even if you are not in a big rush to get them right away. It is a convenient way to get travel permits and documents for the entire family.


If you prefer to get passports for your children the conventional way, you will need to apply for the passports. Parents can apply for their child’s travel documents whether they are babies, toddlers or teens under 18 years of age. Teens aged kids between 16 and 17 do not need to have their parents at the facility when applying.


If you will be travelling out of the country with your children within 6 weeks or less, it will be wiser to get your children’s travel documents through an expedited service. Conventional methods might take more than a month to process. It might not be a good idea to risk a delay too close to your travel date. You can also apply for an expedited service from the government’s passport agency.


Expediting your application will cost money but charges are pretty reasonable considering the circumstances and urgent need to have travel documents ready before your flight. Typically, an expedited service can get you your children’s passports within a couple of weeks only instead of a month or longer. There are some things you need to apply for a child’s travel document.


You will need 2 pictures of your child that look identical. Make sure the photographer is aware that the photos are for a travel document because they should follow a certain standard. You should have your child’s photo taken by a professional that is used to taking pictures for passports. Bring your child to the studio dressed in normal attire with the usual accessories like eyeglasses if he normally uses one.

Form DS-11

You will need an application form, the DS 11, and other documents such as your child’s birth certificate, proof of US citizenship and papers proving the parents identity. If you are a naturalized citizen, you will need to show those documents too. Immigrants may have birth certificates in a foreign language. In this case, you will have to produce a translated copy in English.

After gathering all pertinent and required data, you can submit the application with your fee for the expedited child passport. You should go to the relevant agency with the child because you and your child have to be present for the application. If one parent cannot be present, you have to submit a DS 3053 form that is signed by the absent parent and be sure to keep tabs on your child’s passport, you don’t want it to become a lost passport.


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