How To Expedite The Passport Renewal Process


It is a universal requirement that a traveler crossing borders into another country have valid travel documents. In the US, passport renewal is done for those who have one that they obtained at the age of 18 years and above. If it expired more than 5 years, a new one will have to be applied for. Sometimes, one may need to travel as a matter of emergency and they may not have the time to wait for their travel document to be renewed in the amount of time is usually takes. In such cases, expedited passport renewal services are necessary.


There are three options for getting an expedited one. Expedited services can be accessed by mail or an application can be submitted at a regional agency that offers the service. The third option is making an application through a private expediter.


To make the application by mail, one needs to send the requirements as Form DS-82 which has been duly filled in and completed as well as the necessary payment. This needs to be sent in a padded envelope and it should be marked with the word expedite in block letters.


It is advisable to send this by overnight express so that the process can be started as soon as possible to the local national processing center. An application send in this way will usually be taken care of in 2 or 3 weeks. It may take longer depending on how busy the office is at the time you make your application.


The second option is to have the expedition done by a regional agency. This is the ideal option if renewal is required in less than two weeks. The process is started by making a call to the National Passport Information Center to make an appointment.

Automatic Service

The service is automatic and is on all day every day of the week. It can get busy during holidays when many people are trying to renew their passports to that they can travel. Upon being given an appointment, you need to go with the completed Form DS 82, the fees, the expired document and photos. The document will then be renewed within two weeks. The contacts and locations for the passport centers for every region can be found online.

Private Company

If it is needed within a shorter time, the best option is to go through a private expediter. Most of them also offer visa expediting services. One can also go for this option if they are far from a regional agency. Going through this agency gives the expediter the authority to represent a client at the regional agency. When they get the renewed travel document, it is mailed to the client as part of the service.

A private expediter can speed up the process and shorten it to a week or even the next day but this does cost. The faster the expedition needs to be done, the higher the costs. To be sure you will get your passport at the time it is needed, choose the service provider carefully. Check that their expedited passport renewal service is guaranteed. You can also expedite passport pages as well, to ensure smooth travels.

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