Expedited Damaged Passport Replacement Can Save A Trip

damaged passport

One of the most sensitive travel documents around is the passport. Laws about passports all over the world have changed in recent years to ensure that borders are tighten and that fraudulent materials are not being used to allow people into countries that do not belong. Anyone can find themselves with a damaged passport close to a trip and have to use expedited damaged passport replacement to make sure the trip runs smoothly.

There are a variety of reasons that a passport can be considered damaged. It is important to make note that even though the picture can be seen or we may think that it is legible, the people that are checking the document could have a very different opinion. Look for things such as a faded picture, water damage, torn pages and anything else that could be considered to hurt the overall look of the passport.

One of the most common ways that people ruin their passports is due to water damage. Suppose someone is one river trip and they inadvertently get splashed. Perhaps they are out to dinner and a glass of wine spills on the passport that was left on the table. Water damage can be critical because it causes damage to the pages and the writing and ink that is inside the passport.

When a passport is damaged, it does usually not have a very good outcome. Customs officials look very closely at a passport that appears to be altered in any way and they have every right to refuse entry if they think these alterations were done to falsify documents. This is why it is better to just replace the passport versus risking being denied entry into a foreign country.

When a passport is damaged, it has to be replaced. To avoid this, proper care should be taken, but sometimes things happen and there is no other way to deal with it other than to replace it. The luxury of this process is that it can usually be handled via the mail and the long drawn out process of getting an original passport is not experienced.

The process of getting an expedited replacement pass port is pretty much the same as getting a new passport without much of the hassle. There is a fee associated with the application of $60 along with any shipping costs that would be incurred for delivery. If this is not quick enough, there are other routes that can be taken.

The State Department estimates that standard expedited delivery will take about two to three weeks for the new passport to arrive. However, since accidents can happen at the worst times, that may not be quick enough. If the passport is needed sooner, the applicant can pay a higher fee and have it back much quicker. If it is needed in the same day, it can be done, but be prepared to pay about $300 for the processing.

If that passport of yours looks like it could be questionable, it is always better to play it safe and get a replacement United States passport. A vacation can be ruined pretty quickly if the passport is deemed to be damaged by the authorities. If the trip is in the very near future, use an expedited damaged United States passport replacement service to offer peace of mind and the knowledge that there will be no issues when crossing borders or dealing with customs.

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