Expedited Passport Card For Specific Trips


Years ago, the one accurate type of global identification was the actual passport. Nonetheless, in the states, the passport was not necessary for border trips to Canada and Mexico. Today, laws and regulations are much more restrictive and passports are essential to cross in and out of the country regardless of how close the final destination is to the U.S. If a vacation is originating up soon, an expedited US passport card can be used in place of a normal passport.

The traveller that truly vacations the world may still require a regular passport, but somebody that merely visits the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada does not need an actual passport. For this kind of journey, the passport card is perfectly acceptable. It’s very comparable in appearance to a license, except it is issued by the State Department and can be substituted for a passport with regard to certain destinations.

Expedited Passport Card

An expedited passport card is used for in much the same manner like a regular or expedited passport. There’s still an issuing agency that must definitely be utilized in order to secure one of these. These agencies might all be found online by doing a simple lookup and choosing the one that is right for you.

Passport Card Limitations

Your pass port by itself does have restrictions on it. It absolutely was created in place of a passport for areas that had never really required passport documentation from the United States prior to. Also, it cannot be used for air travel at all. This particular card is supposed for cruise traveler and actual border crossings to places like Mexico. Today, instead of only required a legitimate driver’s license, the passport card serves as the official accepted ID.

Card Security

A passport card is extremely secure, using advanced laser engraving and electronic coding to make it unique. The chip that is built-in to the card contains absolutely no personal information that may be removed, should the wrong individual get their hands on the card. Every year the federal government looks to the technology sector in an attempt to make the cards even more secure.


When an applicant is ready to apply for a passport card, they will follow the same exact guidelines that are in place for a passport. A passport photo, valid government issued ID and proof of citizenship is required for the application to be passed through. The charge, however, is much less and there is also a small discount offered to those that want to get both a passport and a passport card.

Whenever the paperwork is being submitted, be sure to have originals and not copies or even certified copies. These will never be acceptable and will only slow the process while waiting on the correct ones. When sending the documents in, be sure to mail them through a trackable carrier such as FedEx or UPS so their progress may be monitored. This is sensitive, personal information and everything possible should be done to safeguard it.

Lots of people will wonder the reason why they need to make use of an expedited US passport card service instead of just getting a regular US passport. While it is usually a good idea to have a passport, carrying it can be a bit of a challenge. When you are traveling to border countries, the passport card fits into the wallet and can be used as a substitute for the passport. With the lower cost and added convenience, many travelers are beginning to understand why they need to have a passport card.

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