How To Get An Expedited Passport

Gov US Passports Expedited

As a valid government document proving your identity, getting a passport can be a long process. There are a host of specific documents required and then the government typically takes four to six weeks to review them all before issuing you a passport. However, there are ways to get an expedited passport if you’re in a rush.

Fast Service

You can get an expedited passport regardless of which service you need. Whether you’re applying for your first one, need one renewed, or had one stolen, you can get a new one quickly. The process in all instances is generally the same as if you weren’t trying to expedite delivery.


This means that the requirements with which you have to comply to get a new, renewed, or replacement one don’t change. You still need to meet all standards and provide all required documentation that you would even if you weren’t requesting a quick turnaround. The expediting only applies to the processing time; it doesn’t mean you get to skip any steps.

Passport Agency

You can apply for an expedited one yourself. You would schedule an appointment at an authorized US passport agency. You’ll bring all your necessary documents with you. You can request to get your service hastened, which might happen. If the office will hasten your approval process, then you’ll likely be asked to return to the same office in a few days to pick it up.

Private Services

However, there are a number of private services that are authorized by the US government to handle quick travel documentation service. When you work through one of these services, you’ll provide to them all your necessary documentation and they will manage the rest. Typically, they will prefer you use overnight mail delivery to assist in speeding the process up.


How fast this type of service can operate will depend directly on how much you’re willing to pay. Each service will usually have different speed levels of service, which can range from two weeks to 24 hours. The fees you pay for the expedited service are on top of the standard fees you will still have to pay to the government to get your passport in the first place.

Research Your Services

There are anywhere from 40 to 50 private services you can use. You do want to do your research to select the service you use. Any reputable service will clearly state that they guarantee their service. Another key feature to research is how easy it is to access their customer service. This could be through a combination of 24-hour phone service, online chat, and email access.

Everyone can imagine those instances when an expedited passport might be needed on short notice. Perhaps you don’t realize until long after you’ve finalized your travel plans that you can’t find your current one or that it’s expired. These are exactly the situations these private services are intended to help address. Since the service will take care of all the processing, using such a service can also be worthwhile just to relieve yourself of the headache and stress of rushing through your application, at least now your passport renewal will be a piece of cake.


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