Expedited United States Passports

Expedite Passport

A passport is an official government issued document authorized by the United States Embassy for traveling purposes. The issuing of an official document may take anywhere from four to ten weeks. Should you require a new passport in a short period of time, expedited passports can be supplied in approximately fourteen days.

Expedite Services

The expedition services are designed to assist individuals who are in need of the travel document in a hurry. It will cost an additional charge for speeding up the process in obtaining the official document. The State Department requires the payment for issuing the passport, adding visa pages and for any amendments.


In application, it is recommended to pay for two way overnight mail for each application. The passport agencies will usually process expedited passports in approximately three working days upon receipt of application. One should use the DS-11 and DS-82 application forms and if overnight mail was chosen,the document should be received on average within 2 weeks.


Should one have an upcoming emergency trip that is scheduled for less than 14 days, the individual is required to make an appointment with a regional passport agency along with proof of travel arrangements. There are two methods one can use for rushing a travel document where both will require the individual to complete the legally required application forms. The services are available to American citizens who require fast issuing of legal travel documents.


The first approach to receiving a passport in a hurry is if you are an American citizen and will not be leaving the country in less than two weeks. The necessary forms are required to be completed, which are often DS-11 and DS-82 dependent on requirements where an additional rush fee is charged in order to speed up the process. Proceed to place the necessary documents within a letter-sized envelope and write “expedited services” in capital letters on the front with the request for a two way overnight service when posting.

Proof Of Travel

Should one experience an emergency trip and require a new passport in less then two weeks, you must have proof of travel arrangements. An example of the evidence you need in order to leave the country includes paid itinerary from the travel agency. One cannot apply for a new passport through the mail or post office if leaving the country in less than fourteen days and are required to make an appointment with an agent to appear in person at the regional state office for application.


In cases where one is unable to post the required application forms or cannot meet with an agent, expediting services are available. The service will obtain all necessary documentation from individuals for fast delivery and at an additional charge. One may track application status via online methods.

With expedited passports service, it is highly recommended to determine all required application forms for submission by contacting the respective authority. The State Department can provide information relating to application procedures, payment methods and additional charges for expedition services. Always possess proof of all required documentation for a simple and smooth process and now you will be well equipped if you ever experience a lost passport.


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