Everything About The Expedited USA Passport You Will Have To Know


In a hurry to get your passport? Currently, the routine passport processing takes around four to six weeks. That’s a long time if you need to leave in less than four weeks. That’s why there’s the Expedited New Passport. And as its name suggests, it’s the type of passport you’ll need if you want to get your passport a lot faster than routine passport processing.

Department Of State

In fact, the US Depart of State strongly recommends to those who need to leave for another country in less than ten weeks to have their passport expedited. But beyond that, do you really need an expedited passport renewal? We think you do, and let us show you some of the reasons why.

Application Option

Probably the most obvious reason why you’d want to have your passport expedited is that doing so will save you a lot of time. Expedited Pasports typically take two to three weeks to process, so this is the most sensible option you have if you need your passport in less than four weeks. And since expediting your application saves time, it’s no wonder why most people choose this application option.

Wait Time

Another thing is that saves you from the hassle of waiting for your passport to arrive. Once again, four to six weeks is a long waiting time for anyone who wants to get their passports quickly and visit another country. So if you want to get your passport sooner than routine passport processing, then having the process expedited is the way to go.

Routine Applications

Also, you’ll definitely want to have your passport expedited if you need to leave the country in less than four weeks. In fact, this is the only regular option that you have. Because again, routine applications take a minimum of four weeks to accomplish, you surely cannot choose that if you are pressed for time.

Foreign Visa

Who can apply for an expedited passport? Expedited passports are usually given to travelers who fall into either of two categories. First is a traveler who needs to leave the country in less than two weeks. The other category is those who need their US passport within four weeks for their application of a foreign visa. So if either of these categories describes your current situation, then you’ll need to have your passport application expedited.

Secure Documents

When applying for an expedited passport, there are things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to secure your documents well until they arrive to the addressee. That’s why you need to place your documents in a secure envelope. Another thing is that you need to clearly mark the envelope ‘EXPEDITED’ to indicate what you want done with it. Then finally, send your application through a courier that offers tracking methods, as this ensures that your documents arrive safely.

Expedite Passport

Need to have your United States Passport expedited? This article has thoroughly given you everything you need to know to accomplish that. An Expedited Pass Port is the way to go if you can’t spare any time to wait for it.

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