Expediting The Passport Process

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There are various ways of getting an expedited passport. This application process may take as long as the same day or three weeks depending on the methods you use to obtain this document. The following are various ways of expediting passport.


One of the slowest methods you can use to expedite this document is by submitting the application form at an application receiving facility. In the case where you are renewing one, mailing the application form is also a slow method and you are supposed to pay an extra fee for the process.


You are supposed to write “expedite” on the envelope and then use overnight delivery. This will take about three weeks to complete. There is hope though as there is a fast way you can expedite this document.


This method simply involves you visiting a regional passport agency. At this agency, you will be able to get this vital travel document on the same day. You simply have to make an appointment at the nearby agency. On the set appointment date, you have to present your application form and relevant supporting documents. To make the process more smooth and fast, you can present your air ticket or itinerary to show the urgency of the trip.

Necessary Documents

Despite the fact you can present your application and get the document on that day, there are factors that may hold back the process of you getting the passport. The first factor is that the agency may be busy at the time you want to travel and getting an appointment may be difficult. Most regional agencies have a restricted number of appointment openings, particularly for the same day expediting service.


Another factor may be the distance between the agency and where you live. Mostly, these agencies are located in high population areas, thus accessible to a large portion of the population. This means that if you live very far away, you will need to cover a long distance to reach the agency’s services.


Distance is a hindrance because if you are staying close to the agency, you can easily obtain this vital document within one or two days. But in the case where you reside far from the regional agency, you have two alternatives. One, you can apply for the document through a professional expediter. Two,you can simply make a trip to the agency after scheduling an appointment for later on. This can take three to two weeks, depending on the distance you have to travel to reach the agency and get an appointment opening.

Another process you can use in expediting passport is by contracting a professional expediter. They usually provide rapid services. They can submit your application and deliver the document to you on the same day. These professionals can be contracted for any passport need be it replacement, name change, added pages, renewal or a new travel document. The mentioned methods and factors will determine when and how to get your travel document and they also apply to kids passports.


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