Expediting Service For Passports

Many travelers think they have remembered every detail for their international trip. Then they realize that they have forgotten to obtain or renew their most important document, their passport. Fortunately, passport expediting options are available so that travelers can have their documents in time for international travel. Travelers can choose to expedite on their own or to work with an expediting agency.

Time Applicants

Applicants obtaining documentation for the first time have to apply in-person. Applicants should fill out Form DS-11 but should wait to sign the form until directed to do so by the Acceptance Agent. Travelers must also provide proof of U. S. Citizenship and appropriate identification, such as a driver’s license or government-issued identification. Applicants, in addition, must submit photocopies of their identifying documents, pay the appropriate fee and provide an appropriate photo.


Minors under 16 must follow separate procedures. Minors should complete Form DS-11 and submit proof of U. S. Citizenship. Then, minors will have to present proof of their relationship to their parents, such as a birth certificate with both parents’ names on it. Parents must then submit their own identification and photocopies, pay the applicable fee and provide the minor’s passport photo.

Delivery Methods

Renewals may be completed by mail or in person. Applicants should submit an undamaged U. S. Passport and Form DS-82. The State Department recommends that people utilize a traceable delivery method and that they use an envelope that is large enough to hold their documents unfolded. If the documents are damaged in any way, renewal applicants will have to apply in-person.

Time Restraints

First-time applicants who need an expedited passport should make an appointment at their regional agency. Applicants who have fewer than two weeks before traveling or less than four weeks to obtain a foreign visa should call their regional agency. As long as applicants bring all documentation with them to the appointment, they may expect to receive their documents before the beginning of their trip.

Help Through The Mail

Mail-in applications can also be expedited. The State Department recommends that applicants pay for two-way overnight delivery to ensure quick processing. The outside of the envelope must be marked “Expedite.” The State Department website provides information about current processing times for expedited passports via mail but if these times will not get the renewal to the applicant in time for the trip, the applicant should make an in-person appointment.

Agencies Can Help

For some people, jumping through all of the hoops of the application process sounds tiresome. You have the option of using expediting agencies to move their documents through the application process quickly. Travelers will find many agencies online, but they should take the time to verify the phone number of each agency by calling it. If the agency’s phone number is not legitimate, then travelers should not send documents to that company.

Nothing instigates panic like realizing that travelers have forgotten to renew documents or add pages to their passport. However, travelers do have options that will allow them to take their vacation on time. Renewing a passport or adding passport pages through an agency provides maximum convenience for customers while providing them with the passport expediting services that they need.

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