Explore An Eerie Abandoned Place On Your Next Trip

Beelitz Heilstaetten Kochkueche

If you’ve ever walked into an abandoned building, you know what the feeling is like. It’s empty and quiet, but it’s so interesting at the same time. Who knows exactly why abandoned places are so alluring. Whether it’s a building, a neighborhood, or even an entire town, the mystery surrounding abandoned places makes them worth exploring. Or world is full of interesting abandoned places, some of them with pretty interesting histories. If you are thinking of traveling any where outside of the US anytime soon, do some research and see if there are any interesting abandoned places around. Before you do, though, make sure you have a passport. Rush passport shipping is a great option for those looking to get away soon.

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Beelitz Military Hospital in Germany is an abandoned place that is pretty creepy, simply because it doesn’t look very old at all and is free from vandalism. The hospital is in a complex of buildings constructed in 1898. It served as a military hospital for the Imperial German Army, and Adolf Hitler was actually a patient in 1916. He had been shot in the leg and was brought to Beelitz to recuperate.

Probably one of the creepiest abandoned places in the world is Katoli World, Taiwan. This abandoned theme park was closed after a devastating earthquake hit Taiwan on September 21st, 1999, killing thousands of people. The park had been pretty successful, as it was one of the few theme pars in Taiwan to have rollercoasters. Much of the park was destroyed in the earthquake, but much of it still stands. The boats are slowly rusting and sinking, and the old haunted house is even creepier than before.

Yashima is an abandoned city in Japan. Constructed on a high plateau, it was intended to be a resort city to attract tourists. Many large hotels were built, and many new businesses were opened. A cable car was even constructed to take people up to the top of the plateau. However, the Japanese economy took a turn for the worse, and all of it was forced to close. There are still displays in the shop windows and furniture in the hotel rooms. The location on top of the plateau is important, as it was the location of a battle on March 2, 1185 during the Genpei War. It is also the location of an important temple, Yashima Temple, which people still visit.

These are only a few of the interesting abandoned places in the world, and there are definitely many more. Next time you travel, keep an eye out for an abandoned building or town and go exploring. If it’s overseas, don’t forget you will need a passport. Rush passport shipping is available online. These sites can handle whatever service you need, passport replacement, renewal, and anything else you might need.

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