The Fastest Way To Get Additional Passport Pages

Passport Pages

If you travel abroad often, you might yourself running out of room in your passport. The standard US passport is issued with 24 visa sheets. This will explain how to get additional passport pages fastest way.

Passport Pages

You’ll find it helpful to stay on track of how many blank visa pages you have. As you continue to travel, keep checking your passport to make sure you a have at least four blank visa sheets. Once you get to four (or fewer) blank ones, it’s time to get some additional travel document pages.

Federal Forms

The first step is to fill out federal form DS-4085, which is the application for the extra sheets. You can download the form from a variety of websites. However you decide to put through your application, you’ll need to have this completed and signed form.

Application Fees

In addition to the federal form, you will also need to include your current passport and the application fee. If you decide to take care of this process on your own, you’ll send your application packet to one of two addresses, depending on how quickly you want your travel book returned to you. The standard turnaround time to get new blank sheets is four to six weeks. If you want the expedited service, you can expect to wait two to three weeks.

Additional Pages

If you need additional sheets more quickly, you can use any one of a number of private companies that are authorized expediters. By sending your application package to them, they will work with the federal agency to get you your extra sheets as quickly as you want them. The reputable services will all guarantee the speed promised to get your travel documents back to you.

Private Companies

Of course, how quickly you want them will depend on how much you are willing to pay for the faster service. The private companies all offer a variety of turnaround time options, from two weeks to as quickly as same day service, or just about any time frame in between these two extremes. As you would guess, the faster service you want, the more expensive the company’s fee will be.

Renewing Passport

When you are renewing your passport, the fastest way to get extra pages is to request them in your renewal application. If you know you travel a lot, you don’t have to wait until you’re down to just a few blank pages. As you go through the renewal process, you can ask to get a 52-page book instead of the standard 24 pages.

Even if your travel document is valid, it won’t help you if there is no place for your destination country to stamp its entry visa in it. Since there are so many services that aid you in getting a passport, there is no reason why you should ever be caught off guard when it comes to passport issues. If you do find yourself in a travel emergency without any blank sheets, you can some within 24 hours but you’ll pay for the privilege.

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