The Forgotten Wonder – Angkor Wat


Listed as a Forgotten Wonder of the World, Angkor Wat is a breathtaking complex located in Cambodia. Angkor Wat features an ancient Hindu temple that is still in practice today. It is such an infamous attraction that the Cambodian flag flies there. This impressive sight has also been featured on many “must see places” lists. To visit the great complex of Angkor Wat, grab your passport and make sure it’s updated, you may want to apply for a U.S. passport renewal if you’re passport will be outdated soon. Don’t forget the kids passports either; this is a great destination for the whole family.


Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel. Without these documents no one can travel across international borders entering foreign countries and may have difficult time getting back into the United States. Even infants and kids need passports. So before planning a trip make sure the kids passports are ready to go. They are subject to different guidelines, and are not eligible for renewal.

Angkor Wat

Built in the early 12th century, Angkor Wat is a temple complex located in Angkor Cambodia. The site was built by King Suryavarman II; it was to be his state temple as well as the capital city. The Angkor Wat temple is the best-preserved temple at the site and is the only one that has any religious significance still attached to it. It was originally built as a Hindu temple to honor the deity Vishnu, it then switched to Buddhism. Since then it has become a symbol for Cambodia and is even featured on Cambodia’s national flag. It is the main attraction for those visiting Cambodia.


The Temple was commissioned by King Suryavarman II who reigned from 1113 1150C.E. He dedicated the temple to Vishnu, however after he died, the construction halted. This is why some of the temple is left undecorated. After his death the Angkor region was sacked by the Chams, who were the originally enemies of Khmer. The empire was then restored by a new king, Jayavarman VII, the capital was then re-established and the state temple was established as well. However in the 13th century the temple originally Hindu, became a temple for Theravada Buddhism, and has remained as such to this day. What is unique about Angkor Wat is that it was never completely abandoned and it has remained preserved despite neglect. Scholars argue that this is because of the protection of the moat that keeps the jungle from encroaching upon it.

Visiting Angkor Wat

When visiting Angkor Wat there are many sites to see and visions to take in. There are guides that you can choose from as well. The local guides will know the ins and outs of the history and will even be able to get you to desired sites before the large tour groups arrive. The temples to see include Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, The Little Circuit, Big Circuit, Roluos Group, and outlying temples. It is better to plan the trips out as some sites are farther away than others.

Angkor Wat is a must see destination when it comes to places to see before you die. For this reason it’s important to see this forgotten wonder. Make sure your passport is up to date, and be sure to fill out a U.S. passport renewal form if it will expire soon. Grab the kids passports and head to the temples of Angkor Wat and witness the beauty of the 12th century.


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