Frankfurt – Germany’s Colorful International City


Frankfurt isn’t the largest city in Germany, but it is it’s most international city. And while it’s full of things to do and see, the city itself is small,meaning all of these exciting opportunities are always close at hand. It’s skyline is famous for it’s futuristic look, but exploring the city you will find traditional 19th century buildings amidst all the modern ones. If you are looking for a vacation spot rich in history while still retaining the modern city experience, consider heading to Frankfurt, but just don’t forget your passports if you do. You can apply for new passports online if you are in need of one.

Get A Passport First

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The Römerberg

The Römerberg is the historical section of Frankfurt and is definitely worth checking out. Full of 14th and 15th century buildings as well as ancient Roman ruins, it is a great place simply to explore. One landmark you can’t miss out on is Frankfurter Roemer, a historic building that has served as the city hall since 1405. Another important landmark in the area is St. Paul’s Church, a gorgeous red brick building. Many other ancient buildings,such as the 12th century church Alte Nikolaikirche, the Gothic Wharfinger’s Tower, and a 12th century castle are all located in this area as well.

Main River

Frankfurt is located on the beautiful Main River, and simply walking along this river is a great way to spend an afternoon. Although the river runs straight through the heart of the city, the area long the river is quite and peaceful. You’ll also come across many museums along the river. For some excellent views of the city, head to Main Tower. This 650-foot skyscraper also features a restaurant at the top. A more natural place to go exploring is City Forest, a forest that is actually located within the city. With plenty of nature trails and beautiful ponds, it’s a great place to escape the bustle of the city for a while.

The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

One very impressive museum is The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History. Regarded as one of the most famous museums in Frankfurt, it houses all sorts of interesting things, such as Egyptian mummies, ancient fossils, and also one of the largest dinosaur exhibits in Europe. If you’re in the mood for a little shopping, head to the Zeil, the main shopping street in Frankfurt and one of the most well-known in Europe. It’s often referred to as the “Fifth Avenue of Europe.”

The modern city of Frankfurt still retains much of the culture and historical influence of its long and eventful past. If you are thinking of visiting this intriguing city, start off by getting new US passports for your family. Remember expedited lost passports service can help you replace passports that have been misplaced.

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