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One of the best ways to take a family vacation is an international cruise. Your kids can be exposed to new and unique cultures and lands, while also having some sense of stability on the cruise. With so many destinations and venues cruises are definitely the way to go. Be sure to apply for all the necessary passports for children that are needed and make sure your passport is still valid and start planning a cruise for your family today.


Passports are necessary documents that allow for international travel. In order to enter a foreign country an individual must have a passport, they also must have a passport to re-enter their country of origin. They are not too difficult to obtain, especially with technology. Anyone interested in international travel at any point should get the ball rolling on applying for a passport.

Passports for Children

Children used to be able to travel on their parent’s passports; however this is no longer the cause. In response to stricter child trafficking laws all children from infant to teen are required to have a passport. To obtain a children’s passport, it is a very similar process to that of an adult passport. An application accompanied by a birth certificate, passport photos, as well as parental consent are what’s required as well as the passport fee.


Cruises are perhaps the best way to travel with a family. They offer great amenities and themes and there are numerous international destinations. Many cruises also feature children’s programs, so as the kids are playing away mom and dad can relax at the spa or even sit by the pool and catch up on some pleasure reading. It’s a great way to have a family vacation but also give kids and parents alike alone time to enjoy their break as well.


Initially cruises may seem very expensive, but when compared to the cost of flights, hotels, food, attractions, and the like, they are quite competitive.  Some cruises even offer tours of islands or destinations, so you can still visit a foreign country, but don’t have to worry about dining or sleeping.  Often times in off peak travel times there are great rates for cruises. Cruises are also known for their extensive food selections and buffets, which is much better than finagling food in a foreign country.

Cruise Themes

There are many different cruise lines to choose from as well as themes. Nickelodeon and Disney alike both offer great cruises that are family friendly. These cruises tend to be geared toward kids, but of course they are adult friendly. Let’s face it, when kids are happy, mom and dad are happy and that leads to a great vacation.

When planning a family vacation there are many factors to consider, cost, destination, venue, however cruises combine all those considerations into one. This makes them great vacations. If the cruise is international however, it is important that there are passports for children as well as adults and that all passport needs have been taken care of such as passport renewals and even a passport name change. By taking care of your passports you are ready to have a great international vacation.

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