A Guide To Adding Pages To Your Passport Fast

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If you find yourself in a position where you have less pages left in your passport, you should consider adding a few more. This can be as a result of you being a frequent traveler who needs urgent or new passport books. If you are a frequent traveler and you are a business person, you have to look for the easiest way to add pages to your passport fast.


When the passport has only a few pages left, you have to act quickly, especially if you are planning on traveling soon. You can do this by applying for it right away since the process takes about four to six weeks for it to be complete. Acting upon this issue fast will allow you to have a successful procedure that will enable you to travel.

Additional Pages

When you are requesting additional space for the travel document, it should be valid. For this reason, you have to ensure that the travel documents are always valid so you can travel at any time. Having ascertained that the document is valid, you can go ahead and fill out an application form. After filling out this form, you will then have to mail it alongside the current travel document to a specified address.

Personal Information

The first part of filling out the form involves submitting your personal information. Be prepared to submit your birth certificate, birthplace, sex, address and phone numbers. The phone numbers may include other emergency contacts. Go ahead and sign the form while indicating the date when the form is completely filled out.


As for the charges, if you are using the normal routine, you are not supposed to pay extra fees for this service to be rendered. You should also note that when you need such a document immediately, you can go for the expedited travel documents which, in turn, will require you to pay extra fees. These types of travel documents are processed faster allowing you to travel in about two weeks time.

Travel Agencies

You can also look for a travel agency in your location for further information. Here you will be able to complete the forms with the help of an expert. He or she will give advice on what information to give for your request to be granted without any delay. In addition, you should also remember to include the social security number and the PIN number.


Should you be in need of quick processing, you can opt to go for an online agency for the process to be hastened. Online agencies take care of a lot of needs for a frequent traveler. You can do all this in the office or in the house, which makes it the most convenient method because you are not spending on transportation costs to and from the agency office.

How to add pages to your passport fast is a process that many people tend to fear. It can be quite an easy process if you follow a few steps that will guide you. Note that you should only deal with an authorized agent to avoid fake documents. Also, if you find your passport has expired you could look into a same day passport.


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