Guide To Adding New Pages To Your Passport

How To Obtain A New Passport

If you travel a lot, you might easily find yourself in a situation whereby you require additional visa pages for your passport book. This is a better option than applying for a new passport altogether because your document is still valid. Before you decide to get new pages for US passport, you must know some details regarding the process.

Four Pages or Less

One of the most important things you must realize is that your document should have less than four visa pages remaining which will signify the need to get more. If this is not the case, you cannot make such an application. If your document satisfies this condition, you can prepare for the application.

What You Need

Just like when you were applying for a new document, there will be applicable fees charged to complete the process. Of course, you also need your current passport, which should be valid since it is where the page will be added. You should also fill out a DS-4085 form with the necessary details regarding your application. The form and your existing document should be mailed to the address provided on the form.

Traceable Mail

Since you will be submitting the document via mail, it is important to ensure you use a method that allows tracing of the package. Choosing this option will prove invaluable in case of shipment problems. If possible, you should also opt for a secure mailing option since it is the only way you can be sure that the contents of your document are protected.

At or Near Expiration

Although some people will apply for page addition when the document is still valid, you can also do so when it expires. This involves submitting a request for additional pages when applying for a new document after the one you have expires. This option is for those who travel extensively causing them to realize the need for page addition even before the new document is delivered.

Written Request Required

In this case, you must prepare a written request for the additional pages. This request should also be signed. If you are eligible, you can just fill out the DS-82 form and mail it to the address provided. In case you are not eligible, you can complete the DS-11 form and present it in person.

Again, Traceable Mail

Just like with the case of a valid passport, you must use a traceable mailing option while sending your request. This will protect you from major problems in case there is an error with the delivery. It is also wise to stick with secure mailing options as this will protect the content documents from unauthorized people.

One question that many people ask is how many times can one request new pages for US passport. Although the form might not state the limit, there are many issues to consider before making multiple requests for new pages for US passport. For instance, you must consider the remaining period before it expires, the number of valid visas you already have and the cost of additional pages. This way, you will be able to determine whether or not you should get a passport renewal or add new pages.


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