Information Regarding US Emergency Passport Renewal

Emergency Passport Renewal

Emergency passport renewal is a straight forward process and far quicker than applying for a full validity passport. An emergency travel document can be received within 48 hours while a standard passport application can take up to 6 weeks. An expediting service can take a lot of the stress away as well as save time from travel and attending appointments.

Time Requirements

These travel documents are usually required when there is under 48 hours to get a valid travel document. This may be because the previous one expired,was lost, stolen, damaged or is invalid for the county to be visited. An emergency travel document is smaller than a standard one and has fewer pages. It will, however, allow travel in an emergency situation. There are two ways to get one; either at the regional agency, overseas consulate or through an authorized expediting service.

Make An Appointment

If one decides to get the emergency travel document at a regional agency, the first thing to do is get an appointment with them and then attend the appointment. Bare in mind that these offices are usually located in major cities and it may be necessary to travel some distance to attend the appointment. This can take more time and cause more stress.

Required Documents

In order to get an emergency travel document, these items are required; a complete application form, the previous passport if available, a passport photograph and money to pay the fees. If the travel document was lost or stolen, a police report will also be required. Proof of identity will be needed in this situation. This can be a valid driving license, government ID or a naturalization certificate.


The fee for an emergency travel document is the same as for a standard one. An emergency travel document is valid for only one year and can be used for one journey. It is wise to apply for a new passport as soon as possible after traveling and the fee will be waived if the application is made before the emergency travel document has expired. This type of travel document, the emergency document, cannot have extra pages attached.

Expediting Service

If it is not possible to attend an appointment because it is too far to travel, an authorized expediting service can help. These services can submit the application form and photographs on the applicant’s behalf and it is very easy and straightforward. Using an American passport expediting service can also save time and make the process a lot less stressful for the applicant.

They are also used in dealing with the authorities and are able to smooth the process over saving a lot of stress. The forms, photographs and fees are sent via mail to the expediting service whose employees then send it to the passport agency. Once they have processed the application, the passport agency will send the emergency travel document back and the service will send it on to the applicant.

Most expediting services can guarantee that the travel document will arrive within 24-48 hours. Some expediting services can be applied for online. Emergency US passport renewal is an easy process that can issue the travel documents quickly and easily. This is made even simpler by using an expediting service.

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