How To Get An Infant US Passport


Almost any parent or guardian that is going on a major international trip and that plans on taking their child should get familiar with infant us passport laws immediately. If you find that just because the little one is a newborn or a minor that they can freely pass between borders, you are sadly mistaken. The procedure is nearly identical to what an adult needs to do, with provisions in place because of the age of the young international traveler.

For any parent to raise their arms and question the fact that they have to have an infant passport is not uncommon. Nevertheless, lots of people forget that it is still about people leaving and coming back to a country. Allowing random kids to go in or leave the country without accountability could lead to some serious issues.

Risks To Consider

Something more important to take into account are such horrible things as human trafficking and kidnapping. Surprisingly, this occurs with parents of children who’re trying to get away from another parent. The irritated mother who has just lost her custody case or perhaps the father that has disappeared to another country and suddenly shows up and wants his child back.


The process of getting a passport for an infant has a few extra steps from a standard passport, but it is nothing that is overly inconvenient. The most apparent point is the fact that an infant is not going to be able to fill out their own forms, so the parents are going to have to take on this task. They’re also going to need to get passport photos, just like the ones that are on adult passports.

Since an infant cannot sign their own name, mom and or dad are going to have to handle the task for them. It is actually a co-signature that goes on the US passports until the child can sign the passport by themselves. When the child is able to sign their own name, the passport can be renewed with their actual signature on the passport.

In order for the co-signature to be valid, the parent will have to sign their child’s name and then their name next to it along with their relationship. In other words, it would read: child’s name, parents’ signature and then mother, father or guardian in parenthesis. The ideal situation would be that the parent that is signing the passport would actually be accompanying the child on the trip. This could alleviate any challenges that may be faced going through customs.

Written Consent From Guardian

In order for a child younger than sixteen to obtain a passport, the child must receive written consent from both parents or guardians. This is part of new law passed in an attempt to prevent international custody disputes. A child under sixteen must apply for a passport in person, and both parents must sign form DS-11, in person, together, with the child. A child cannot receive a passport without both parents present.

It should now be pretty obvious why the infant American passport exists. It may sound a little silly when you first look at the law, but it actually there to protect children from various things. Therefore, getting these US passports is a smart decision for any parent, regardless of how old their child is. If an emergency or surprise trip comes up, the baby or young child will be ready to go with you and there will be no challenges in getting in and out of the country.

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