Items Expected When Obtaining A Passport

Passport Application

The amount of documentation that is required to obtain a passport can be overwhelming for a first time applicant. The first time a passport is applied for, the applicant must apply in person at an approved application facility. Even though it looks like a lot of items are needed when applying for new passport, there are only six basic items required.

DS-11 Form

The application form required is a DS-11 form. It is recommend filling out the form ahead of time to save time, especially when using expedited US passport services. However, do not sign the form until in front of an authorized agent. The application can be printed online or picked up from an application facility.

Citizenship Proof

Documentation for proof of citizenship is required. Most people use a certified birth certificate but a naturalization certificate, an old passport or certification of citizenship are all valid as proof. Secondary forms of proof can be accepted if no primary documentation is available but most United States citizens have a primary form available. A social security card cannot be used as proof of citizenship.

Parental Consent

If the applicant is a minor under the age of 16, proof of guardianship will be needed. The most common forms of proof are a birth certificate or adoption decree. A court order showing guardianship or custody can also be used. A minor applying for a passport must have approval from both parents to apply. A minor can only apply with one parent’s consent if that parent has a court order stating they have sole custody of the minor.

Photo ID

Photo identification must be presented when submitting the application. A driver’s license may be used as proof of identification. A military ID card or previously issued passport is also accepted. If applying with an out-of-state driver’s license, a second form of ID is need. The second form of ID should include as much information as the driver’s license. A photocopy of all identification documents will be required. Most approved facility can do this on-site. For minors under 16, the parent applying with them will need photo identification with photocopy as well.

Photo Requirements

The requirements for a passport photo are strict. The safest way to guarantee a photo meets these requirements is to have it taken on-site. The requirements say that the photo has to be taken in the last six months showing a full view of the face against a white background.

Passport Fees

United States Passport costs include an application fee and execution fee. There is no execution fee for renewing. Fee’s for minors under the age of sixteen are less than those for adults. A book for an adult currently cost $135. The cost for a book and a card is $165.

Required Documents

To be prepared when going to apply, bring all required documents and fees. Having all documentation, such as your proof of citizenship and identification with you and a filled out application, can save time and reduce the stress of applying for passports. Some special conditions can apply for certain situations; a local application center can answer all questions, especially if trying to use expedited U.S. passport services.

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