Johannesburg – The Colorful City


Johannesburg is a huge and very prosperous city in South Africa. Known for being a hub of African culture and history, it is a popular destination for those looking to experience a city vacation with a little more substance. If you are among this group, don’t forget you will need a passport before you leave. If your passport is expired, expedited passport renewal is a great option for validating it again.

You Will Need A Passport To Get There

Online passport services can do much more than passport renewals. Everything from replacements for lost or damaged passports to passport pages can be applied for and purchased online. One handy service is the expedited passport name change. This service is useful for people who recently changed their name due to any one of a variety of reasons, the most common being marriage or divorce. Because it’s all available to do right on your computer, it is quick, easy, and convenient.

The Apartheid Museum

Africa’s history has been racked with violence, death, and cruelty. The Apartheid Museum is a solemn yet powerful reminder of this by providing a glimpse into Africa’s extensive and often brutal history. With lots of informative and sometimes shocking displays, it’s more than just another museum. Another exceptional museum is the Johannesburg Art Gallery. It’s the biggest gallery in Africa that features art from all around the world, not just Africa. If you are a history buff, head to the Origins Centre at the South African Museum of Rock Art, which covers the origins of humanity.

Lion Park

Lion Park is a consistently loved attraction in Johannesburg. It’s a wide-open area where visitors can pay to get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most popular animal residents. For example, visitors get to touch lion cubs, feed giraffes, and take an either guided or non-guided drive tour of the park, where you can get particularly close to full grown lions, zebras, meerkats, and more.


Rosebank is a neighborhood that houses a Sunday flea market on the rooftop of the mall where visitors can purchase authentic hand-made crafts in a bazaar-style setting. It’s a unique sort of way to browse for souvenirs while doing a little people watching and checking out the local atmosphere. The flea market only takes place on Sundays, but the mall itself is open every day of the week. Oriental Plaza is another great place to shop. It is famous for its 360 independently-owned stores where you can bargain with the owners, something that isn’t widely down in the area.


Melville is an artsy neighborhood that is fun to explore. Eclectic shops and quaint little restaurants make it a great place to spend the day shopping, eating, and experiencing just one of the many colorful sides of Johannesburg.

As you can see, Johannesburg is a very culturally and historically rich place. If any travel plans are taking you to Johannesburg in the near future, remember to have your valid passport. Expedited American passport renewal is a great option for expired passports. If you were recently married or divorced, a passport name change can be done online as well.

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