How To Get A Kids Passport Quickly

Traveling from one country to another requires you to be in possession of relevant documents that allows you to enter into a foreign country. Each and every one, including children, is required to produce the official document. Due to this reason, possession of this kind of document is a must whether one is a child, an infant or below the legal age to enable them to travel. One main reason you should provide the papers when traveling with minors is because of cases involving kidnappings and child trafficking. You may want to travel within a short time and getting a kids passport fast becomes a major challenge.


To avoid getting caught up in this mess, you should decide whenever emergency international traveling is required. The moment you have the need to travel, you should seek an application for emergency traveling. To get this form, you can either download it from the registry department or personally visit the offices to get more information.

Official Documents

Remember that when you are going for the application, there are some official documents required. Therefore, you should carry all the relevant documents on the appointment day. You may be required to also provide duplicates. These official documents may include the birth certificates of both you and your children.


You should have with you passport size photos. The photos are very crucial in this process. They should be taken by a qualified photographer to make sure they are of the desired quality. Always keep in mind that the photos are supposed to be of a good quality because if they are not, it may force you to have them retaken, thus causing a delay.


If you have an adopted child, you need something to verify this. You should present the adoption papers to the authorities to prove that you are indeed the legal guardian. Failing to produce the required legal adoption papers will end up paralyzing the whole process. This is because cases of child trafficking are on the rise and the authorities are on the look out.


It is also a requirement that one writes a formal letter to ask for permission from the authority so the child can be issued the travel document. When the parent arrives at the office to sign the document, he or she can further emphasize this. If only one parent has gone for the signing, he or she should be able to clarify whether the other partner has agreed to this and must bring the official form created for this purpose.

Pin Number

Another, way that one can get a child passport faster is by providing your pin number.  The social security number can also be of help. It will help the authorities to know the kind of person you are in regard to tax payment and responsibility.

They also charge a fee to enable you to obtain your kids passport fast. This fee is a requirement of the law. Lastly, you can use the services of a travel agent to help you get these documents at the right time, you should double check your passport as well to see if you need a passport renewal application.


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