Taking The Kids To Tokyo

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Parents often wonder where to take their kids when they want to go on an international trip. It’s hard to balance cost, attractions, and safety when it comes to a family. However, Tokyo is a great destination that offers much to parents and kids alike. To take an international journey to Tokyo be sure that all the kids have a childrens passport, remember that even if they’ve had one before if it’s expired they will need a new passport. Once all passport matters are taken care of, go ahead and give the kids a trip of a lifetime.


Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel; all US citizens need passport including children and infants. Children used to be able to fly on their parents passports; however now due to more stringent laws regarding child trafficking and abduction all kids need a passport. Their passports are subject to different guidelines and are only valid for a period of five years after which point they will need to apply for a new passport as theirs cannot be renewed. This can be accomplished much easier than before as many passports and passport updates can be applied for online.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is one of the largest metropolitan areas of the world. It is where the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace reside as well as the Japanese Imperial Family. It is a very diverse destination and offers many great sites to see and things to do for adults and kids alike.

Disney Abroad

When it comes to ensuring the kids are having a great time on vacation it normally involves a theme park of sorts. How about Tokyo Disneyland? It is known as the most popular travel destination for Japanese families. It is very similar to the Disney theme parks located in the United States. There is also a companion park called Disney Sea, it is a theme park with a nautical theme and features the Arabian Coast for Aladdin, Mermaid Lagoon from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and many other Disney characters and themes that revolve around water.

Other Attractions

The Disney themed parks are sure to thrill any kid. Kidzania is another great destination for kids; it is a center that revolves around education as well as entertainment. It teaches kids about jobs and working, and they earn Kidzania, and they also get to try out different future jobs. In addition to the Disney parks and Kidzania there is also the Ueno Zoo, which is the oldest and largest zoo in Japan, the Tokyo Tower, Kodomo no kuni which is the “Childrens Country”, the National Science Museum and the O-Daiba complex which provides something for everyone, shopping, it’s is the Toyota showroom, and even  theme park.

When it comes to international travel with kids, it’s always an adventure. It’s hard to please everyone all the time. However, by looking into different kid friendly options in the great city that is Tokyo you can please everyone in the family. From Disney theme parks to all inclusive shopping complexes, fun can be had anywhere. So make sure your kid’s childrens passport is still valid, if not go ahead and get them a new passport, because there is much fun and adventure to be had the in Tokyo.


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