Learn How To Purchase A Passport Quickly


There are situations when you find yourself needing to travel to a foreign country as soon as possible, only to realize you don’t yet have a passport. There are other times when you already have a passport only to find out that it’s already expired. Because routine passport applications often take four to six weeks, this type of application may not suit you if you’re in a hurry to travel. Therefore, let us show you how to get a U.S. passport fast.

Getting Your Passport Fast

One of the main reasons why people need to get a United States passport quickly is when they have family emergencies that require them to travel outside of the country in less than 48 hours. In situations like this, you can contact the National Passport Information Agency (NPIA) through the phone and tell them about your situation. They will then help you set a schedule with your local passport agency regarding your emergency passport.

You can call the NPIA any time of the day. However, there are times when they are unable to help you get a schedule with the passport agency. In case that happens, simply stay on the line and they will forward you to a customer service representative (CSR). The CSR will then provide you with other options and instructions on how you can get your emergency passport.

Expedited Passport

In instances where there isn’t a family emergency, but you still need to travel outside the country in less than four weeks, you can choose to have your application expedited. Getting an expedited passport is the fastest and most efficient way of getting a passport outside of emergency situations. In fact, the US Department of State advises travelers needing to travel in less than ten weeks to get an expedited passport instead of the routine application.

Getting an expedited passport is also important if you need to travel to a foreign destination within two weeks or need your passport to obtain a foreign visa in less than four weeks. Current processing times for expedited passport services are is around two to three weeks. It is therefore advisable that you apply for a US passport if you are already expecting to travel in the coming months.

If you are sending your passport application by mail, make sure you clearly write the word, ‘EXPEDITED’ outside the envelope. Aside from that, make sure you have the means to track your mail before sending it. There are courier services that provide this feature. And, since your envelope contains sensitive personal information, make sure that your envelope is secure and isn’t easily damaged.

Because an expedited passport application is a form of a value-added service, expect to pay a fee to get it. The fee is often added on top of the regular passport processing fees that you need to pay. This is, of course, a non-issue if you really need to get your passport quickly.

Passport Services

After reading this article, we’re pretty sure you now know how to get a new passport quick. To sum up, you can get a passport faster than a routine service during family emergencies that require you to travel out of the country. Aside from that, choosing an expedited american passport service would help speed up your passport application.

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